Summer Camps for Adults

There are two camps that look very appealing to me while I sit around planning summer, Greenhorn Ranch in the Sierra’s and a Piano Camp outside of Boulder, CO.

As a kid I never went to camp, only to my grandparents house for a month every summer.  There was a brief stint at Camp Fire Girls, which seemed like a girls torture chamber.  We did go to some camp for a few days and it was awful.  I had a bully friend who joined just to go to the camp, we seemed to be in trouble the whole time missing out on the fun stuff like horseback riding over time outs or something?  My memory is a little fuzzy on that, I don’t remember any of the “fun” stuff.

What I do remember is one girl barfing up orange juice (not sure if we had to leave early because of that? She was in our car pool and rode in the station wagon laying on the bed in the back…because it was the 70’s, you could do that).  There was a talent show we watched, didn’t participate.  Then we all came home with lice from the bunks.  The vague memories are of watching people have fun.

I told my husband I need to make up for my lice ridden PTSD from camp as a kid, so I emailed him the adult summer camps I want to go to.  This was all spurned by a friend who invested in this Greenhorn Ranch, posting pictures on FB.  Greenhorn is as the name implies, you need no previous experience in horseback riding or fishing.  I have been on horses a few times, if any of you have been reading my blog from last year I did catch a pillow in my truck on the way to fish.  There’s a womens yoga/nutrition weekend coming up I’m going to.

Then I started researching adult piano camps and one popped up near Boulder that looks pretty cool:   I still play, stopped taking lessons for the new year.  He did up my game a bit, it’s just that our practice sessions were getting a tad redundant.  It was good though, it was a different way to practice I hadn’t been doing before, because I’m OK with mistakes as long as the song sounds remotely like it should.

The last 6 years I’ve been going a few times a year to women’s surf retreats, which is really right up my alley.  Unfortunately, the last few times I broke my ribs and not sure if I can surf again 🙁  Low bone density, getting old sucks.  Last weekend in Hermosa Beach they inducted a woman surfer to the walk of fame there, Liz Benevedez.  Her presenter is a long time friend of mine.  He was messaging me with pictures, she was my idol!!  A year younger than me, so cool even as a kid I don’t think I could say 2 words to her, a little star struck.  I told him about my bone density, possibly keeping me out of the water.  He said, “You’ll always be a surfer girl.”  Love that rad surfers think of me that way, especially since my body is giving out on me.  Featured photo isn’t one of my best waves, it was in Costa Rica.  I’ve gone to all the locations several times, Kristy & Cat are the bomb.



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