South Beach weekend liveaboard

One of the many advantages to boat ownership is having a floating condominium here in the Bay Area.  A few months ago my husband was invited to an all day event in the city, including a really nice dinner with an overnight stay.  I suggested we skip the overnight stay in the hotel and just sail over to South Beach for the weekend and stay on the boat.

South Beach is right below the ballpark, it’s perfect for the ballgames.  While he was at his event, I got to be San Francisco tourist.  I come to the city all the time, I worked out here for a start up with the drones at SkyCatch then one of my biggest clients is Ford GoBike.  I know every sidewalk out here from that job.  This time I just walked past the old SkyCatch building to SFMOMA for the first time.

That was worth seeing, I’ve been to museums all over the world except for where I actually live.  The top floor was a little disturbing, it was some rape exhibit that I wasn’t sure I needed to see??  It had a warning that it would be disturbing.  Still, I was a little repulsed by it because I was expecting “art” not a lesson in rape culture.

The rest of the museum was art in various forms.  I came out of there thinking those Ford GoBike stations I’ve been submitting are a work of art, along with some of the other things I do.  How do people get from one point to another with it?  Obviously I’ve never figured that out in writing or art, who gets to be a known artist when there’s so many talented people out there?  There was a photography floor in particular that made me think of it.  I follow several photographers on Instagram, I get to see some incredible shots seconds after the picture is taken.  In that regard, it almost makes a whole museum floor dedicated to photography obsolete.

Maybe I think of myself as a better photographer than I actually am too??  I donated this one panoramic I had printed months ago, it was never displayed.  After about a month I said I didn’t meant to push it on them, if there wasn’t space for it please let me know and I’ll take it back.  They said they definitely wanted it, it still isn’t up.  I went ahead and ordered another one for myself, I love that shot!  This time it cost me $50 to print, the cost one woman told me I could sell them for when she saw it.

I’ll just have to write it off as another lesson learned.  Free work leads to more free work, donated stuff has no value type of thing.  Story of my life really.  When my kids were little on swim team I made this super cute reversible skirt with seahorses on one side (the mascot).  The first thing someone said was I should make a bunch to donate to the auction.

Back to my weekend here, get off that tangent!!  They had races in the Bay this weekend, SailGP on the city front on smaller versions of the America’s Cup boats.  I’m on this Women Who Sail FB page, a woman posted that she works in both LA and SF and was looking to get into sailing.  At first I didn’t respond, my dock mate told me he gets about 50% of bogus inquiries.  She seemed sincere so I replied to that thread.

We spent the day out there, the only thing that went wrong was my timing of watching the races.  My sail plan was to leave here, city front, jam down raccoon straights downwind, lunch behind Angel Island protecting us from the winds, reef back there to head back up for the races prepared for 30 knot gusts.  It all went well except for Raccoon straights, there was more of an eddie in there than the downwind with 2 knot flood tide I was anticipating to jam us through.  Instead it was no wind, no boats attempting that eddie and I had to turn the motor back on to get through.  That screwed us to get back up there for the races, we could see them from a distance.

It was a perfect sailing day regardless, she took the helm for most of the day while I told her about how unique the Bay is as opposed to SoCal.  I’m so glad I reached out, it’s nice to have some sailing friends who seem to really know what they’re doing instinctually instead of stressing me out.

Heading back today, need to be home and showered by GOT’s (Game of Thrones).

I got this shot from Embarcadero, couldn’t get any water shots of the race while I was focused on sailing.

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