This past week has just been getting used to being home again, I feel like I’ve been gone all 2019.  That’s not a bad thing, it’s just my life here consists of doing laundry and packing.  With the kids finally launched, next on the menu is new floors.  That is my mission for the day, order the floors.  All the house update projects were put on hold when the dog moved in.

There are these books by Austin Kleon, “Show your Work,” “Steal Like an Artist,” & “Keep Going.”  They’re quick little reads to try and give me some inspiration to keep doing this blog and some other stuff I do without getting discouraged.  Here’s what usually happens, I volunteer for something where I spend all day doing it – like being asked to take pictures.  It does take me all day too, I make sure everything’s updated and charged, upload it all then send a link.  Then THEY DON’T USE THE PICTURES!!  This has happened to me several times.  They’re not sucky pictures either, I could totally understand that.

This blog gets frustrating because frankly, no one reads it.  I’m OK with that, this is more for me (and possible cyber criminals??  Haha).  I’ll forge ahead anyway,

One of the things I really need to write is an article for a flying magazine, only 7% of pilots are women.  Every time I open an AOPA magazine there are ads with women pilots, not as common as the ads portray.  Last issue there was an article about a woman who went up on her first small plane flight with a friend.  She was a writer, not a pilot, it got published because she was a woman.  I could kick myself for not submitting anything about being a woman pilot!

On that note, we did a partnership on a small plane that kicks in next week.  I know, spoiled right?  It’s as much as a used Honda Accord to buy in, not as pricey as it would seem.


Just some Saturday morning thoughts and grumblings.  Also to recommend those booklets, they’re quick reads with some good quotes with some wisdom and inspiration for those of us who have no idea where we’re going with all this pent up creativity.

One of the things the books says is to make gifts for others, I do that all the time.  I made this for my friend’s daughter.  I did the design from a photograph of the pier with Photoshop using vectors to get it out.  Then I got it digitized for my machine.  These are like giant puzzle/math problems for me and they take awhile to finish.  I made one from a kit about a year ago with no one to give it to.  After the Paradise fire a friend of mine put together care packages and I donated it to the victims along with other items and gift cards.


I have some decent habits, it’s just a matter of staying in one place long enough to actually finish something.  Right now it’s the house, making it my gallery after having so many things printed that still aren’t hung up.  Everything in my house has been painted or made by friends and family, no purchased artwork.


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