Spent the morning reading some other blogs, one being a newer blog that had no real insight whatsoever with over 700 likes??  I’d like to think my audience is small but mighty, I’m lucky to get 5 likes on a post.

No matter, that’s not the only thing I’m discouraged about.  I priced out new flooring, hoping to order for the Memorial Day sale after deciding to just do the downstairs flooring in hard wood…$22k.  That’s not including ripping out the floor we have now, when I priced out the $3 per foot to rip out the almost 30 year old carpet it would be $5k. The first thing my husband said when we went in was we should check to make sure if there’s hardwood under the existing carpet?  Right when he said that I knew it wasn’t going to happen that day.

Sure enough, there’s hardwood from the original ’64 part of the house.  Even if he wouldn’t have pulled the plug almost the moment we sat down to choose, I was overwhelmed by the choices and the price.  When I first went in to price out carpets the sales guy said “Divide that by 18.”  I did, then asked him why?  He said it’s the 18 months zero interest.  Why does everything equal a monthly payment instead of a lump sum?  As if $600 a month will soften the blow as opposed to paying $10k?  Ugh.

Those prices didn’t include ripping out carpet/existing hardwood floors.  Really, I’m looking at a unknown sum of $$.

Then the quotes for painting my kitchen cabinets came in…$7k.  I got a quote last year that was $8k for the kitchen/dining area.  This is going to force me to re-paint my own damn cabinets and rip out my own carpets, pretty upset.

Our first house, my uncle came out to help me fix up the house before we could move in. I painted the kitchen cabinets, he re-tiled the bathroom for me.  When he left, I finished up the baseboards after he showed me how to tile it.

This is all to say I know what the work is that’s involved and have an idea of what it should cost, which I’m going to guess is close to a thousand bucks for the cabinets.  Pissed?  You bet.

Looks like my next artistic endeavor is painting the cabinets myself.


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