Painting Cabinets

So far the doors are off and the kitchen/dining room are a disaster from emptying everything out.  Decided to do just one side at a time so it’s not as overwhelming.  Right now it’s just about color choice, of course my favorite is more beachy.  It’s also going to require new counter tops and backsplashes, something I didn’t factor in at all.

Just writing as a form of stalling really, going to work in the morning then do my regular walk in the afternoon.  I do everything in a few hour increments, my morning brain just works a little better than that afternoon brain that just has enough brain capacity to watch Scooby Doo plots.

This is a good opportunity to toss 20+ years worth of kitchen stuff.  There was a waffle maker that was an oily mess hidden on a top shelf taking up way too much space.   All the matching glasses I’ve ever bought have been broken throughout the years.  We have about 50 coffee travel mugs (all mine).

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I ordered an amazon spray gun for the doors, I’ll do that in the garage after I finish the inside.  Was reading about using chalk paint, then I asked the guy at the paint store about it.  He said that’s a special order that makes the cabinets look older.  Then head to Ace hardware where there’s chalk paint all over the place, not a knowlegable salesperson at an actual paint store?  I was reading that the chalk paint doesn’t need a primer and is easier to maintain.  I’m using a primer, these cabinets are OLD.

Luckily I’ve done this once before, in  my early 30’s before we moved into our first house.    I didn’t use a primer, used a spray gun that made the doors look great!  The problem with not using a primer was that the wood bled through and I’d have to do touch ups a few years later.

My actual schedule is to do the one side this week, put everything away, then dig in to the other side the next week.

One thing I’ve noticed about painting ads, or any ads really, is that they always have a woman doing it – does that mean it’s so easy even a woman could do it?  Not sure.  I see this all the time, in flying & sailing magazines it’s always a woman doing it.  The actual statistics are much lower, flying is 6%.  It’s pretty prevalent in ads, almost insulting really.  I just want to see how to do it, I could care less if I’m watching a man or a woman in the video.

I did see one youtube on self docking where this 70 year old woman calmly stepped off the boat to put the lines on the cleats, now that inspired me.

I’ve stalled long enough, it’s time to go back to work!

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