This kitchen will take awhile

The kitchen is totally torn apart…by me.  I’m looking at it wondering if I’ll ever be able to finish it and put it all back together?  I won’t if I stay here writing instead of working on it.

My husband was gone all last week, he came back last night to see it for the first time.  He gave me a fake smile and said he loved it!  Haha, well I kind of painted a swimming pool kitchen.  I’m just tired of the kitchen being so dark, the whole downstairs is dark and I love LIGHT.

The last painting fiasco was when I tried to paint the bathroom downstairs to give it some color and everyone hated it.  My mom asked me every time I talked to her if I re-painted it yet?  Finally the plumbing went out on that part of the house so I had the whole bathroom re-done from mish-mosh ’70’s to modern.  We have one part of the downstairs stepped up to the millennial.

Those are my hopes for the kitchen, that this will lead to new countertops/floors/trash compactor and it will all come together somehow?  I pieced the bathroom together slowly, hired someone to do all the work while I just shopped for everything.

With the boys finally gone, this house is actually too big for us.  I still look at smaller houses, can’t decide where I want to live when I grow up?  I doubt we’d sell this house, it would be a great rental property.

Somehow I’m going to have to transform myself from paint all over me to a gown for a gala in Newport this weekend.  I know, I should have just paid someone to do this job but I’m too cheap and the bids were really high.  Besides, I needed a project.

I should mention the spray gun came, it took me a little while to figure out the mixture ratio.  When I finally did get it to put the primer on, I had put too much water in it and it got runny after I sprayed it.  It was just the primer, not a big deal.  I’ll have it down by the time I start spraying the color on it.


At least it’s all prepped for a slam dunk from here, it shouldn’t actually take me too much longer to do this besides dry time.  It’ll take me forever to put everything back.


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