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Home improvement doesn’t seem a way to get blog views (or likes).  That’s OK, it’s my life right now and I have nothing else to write about besides painting kitchen cabinets.  I did take a Lowes break to pick out a counter top and found a $70 cabinet that will slide right in where the trash compactor is.  Decided against replacing the compactor, the only way to get it out of there is to rip up either the floor or the counter tops…thanks previous owners.


Then I went to look at flooring, which still might be a few weeks out to decide while I finish the kitchen  The money I’m saving is going to pay for my root canal/crown, it’s always something.

I probably wrote this before, I have bad taste but I like my bad taste.  Not sure how people approach these people at Lowes or the floor stores?  I always feel like chopped liver, do they send their designer and contractors out there?  I meekly asked about the counter tops, interrupting one of the sales people who was busy typing away.  A little talked down to.  I must come across like I have no money (except to Balinese taxi drivers, who charge me top dollar).  Even the guy at the other floor store helped me for a few minutes, then when I seemed overwhelmed he informed me he had other customers.  There’s a zero chance I’m not going to buy flooring, can I be overwhelmed and take my time when I just got a $22k price tag not including taking the old flooring out?  Or am I supposed to not blink at that price and say let’s roll!!


I am rolling into these stores after a morning of painting, they might think I walked straight up from the creek or something…still.

Anything I’ve done to either house I pieced together as I went along, working in the morning then shopping in the afternoon.  I don’t have an overall game plan until I get started, then I add or subtract from there.  I can see the benefit of having a budget, going away for a weekend, then having it all done for you.  The estimates are just crazy for where I live, same with my mom’s house.

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I’ll have a nice break this weekend, fly down to Newport for that gala.  Get the paint out of my hair before I go.

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