Morning @ LAX

Actually, it was just me driving my mom & brother to the airport.  I flew down to Torrance yesterday in the Archer with my partners in the plane for a quick refresher on LA airspace.  It was so convenient!!  We leisurely took off at 10a with a few bumps right around the airport, then I just put it on the heading indicator after putting in my flight plan and off we went!  My friend/co-partner is a commercial, IFR pilot to get me through in case of fog.

Once we started descending towards Santa Monica airport, there was a layer of fog over the coast we were right above making it impossible to see waypoints.  We were still VFR (visual) above the layer.  When we got to the other side of the special VFR section over LAX, there was Torrance runway…visable.   Went straight there and landed, no problem.  I could have done it myself, I needed an IFR pilot with me just in case.  We hit a window of sun there, before & after it was fogged in again.

My mom picked us up, which was somewhat of a disaster.  She didn’t know where she was, I should have never let her pick us up but I wanted her to meet the other partners.  She called to say she couldn’t find the airport parking, I had to figure out where she was to tell her how to get there.  She found us then we all went to lunch before they flew back to Concord.

My mom and brother are going to a funeral in Bisbee that I’m not going to.  I went to his 84th birthday party last month, I said goodbye while he was still alive.  I’m glad they’re going to support his kids, but I feel good about going out for the birthday.  I also have an event in Newport this weekend.

But about LAX, when I dropped them off at 6am there was already an ungodly amount of Uber traffic.  Why, of all places in the world, does LAX not have a monorail system down Sepulveda making an airport loop?  It’s like a 3rd world country making that stupid loop.  It reminded me of Egypt or Bali with the lack of any kind of driving etiquette or basic courtesy towards people who still drive family members.  I can’t tell you the amount of traffic it causes on Sepulveda EVERY SINGLE DAY.  When I was a kid, it took 10 min to drive someone to LAX.  One time I came in and it took an hour and a half to get to Manhattan Beach.  I won’t let my mom drop off or pick up anymore, it’s just too much.

For God’s sake…it’s LA!!



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