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It was supposed to be a wake up and sail for Father’s Day, it’s just cold & REALLY windy!! When I checked the currents, we’d be docking with a 2 knot current.  The SF Bay is always adventures in docking, last time I did that I had no useful crew and the guy who was supposed to help me at the dock waved me around to a downwind, 30′ dock making me gun it in reverse when I was headed perfectly into a 50′  upwind slip.   Have a little PTSD from that docking.

A few weeks ago I did a knucklehead maneuver by having a 20 knot crosswind docking.  I docked just fine, got my friend and I off the boat with the lines leaving his GF on the boat with the engine running.  I decided to move the boat down a little to the farther cleats.  Not paying attention, we both took the lines off the cleat to walk it down and immediately the boat blew away from the dock in the winds.  Two able bodies are no match for those winds taking the boat away, his calm GF put it a little bit in forward to get the boat back to the dock.

If my son would want to go today, we’d go for it.  They’re sleeping in today, so thought I’d spend the morning checking out houses.  I have a few hot spots I keep checking out, one is Bend, Oregon.  Not sure why?  I’ve only been there once and I really liked it!!  It reminded me of Walnut Creek when I first moved here about 30 years ago, cute downtown area.  I’m always checking out Bisbee, there are some awesome houses there that I totally love.  I think Bisbee gave me a love of architecture, those houses were the original bungalows before the town tanked when the mines closed.  Gives me a peek into those mansions there I’ve admired my whole life.

The other spots are Truckee and Monterey.  We lost that one place in Monterey, whoever snapped it up immediately turned it around for a rental.  That’s where my faith in “The Secret” faded.  I envisioned myself walking to the coffee shop/bookstore every day to read & write.  The upstairs was a 2 bed/1 bath that was old school.  The downstairs was a separate unit that I envisioned being my own little studio where I’d stick my piano/keyboard and my sewing machine.  I mentally put myself there, it seemed like it could be a reality.  Alas, when my H and son went down for the final decision they didn’t pull the trigger and another couple there that day snatched it up.  They had lowered the price $50k and it was swiped from under me as an investment property.  I’ve noticed the prices going up ever since.

Zillow’s a great way to keep track of the market, in the Bay Area (and Manhattan Beach) it’s still out of control…not so much in other areas.  I can’t even look in MB anymore, I’m totally disgusted.  I’ve never quite pinpointed the feeling I have down there?  Am I jealous or just want to puke?  It’s clear I’m as unpopular as an adult as I was in HS, the featured photo is the mean Heller from HS yearbook.  There’s a real estate flyer my mom had at her house that was a separate EAST Manhattan section.  Same zip code, just making it clear that EAST MB is not the same.  Keeping the old saying “There’s no life East of Sepulveda” alive and now into it’s own designated section (Can that possibly still be PC?)  Houses are affordable for your average millionaire, $1mil (tear down)-$5mil.


This either will come down to a roshambo or weather and how many more years of skiing do I actually have in me??  We’ve done ski leases in Tahoe, last one I got a small condo.  It was fine for that season, not enough room for a studio really.  The last few seasons would have been miserable getting in & out of there, there were so many storms even the ski resorts were closed.  I can’t imagine being stuck in that little place for a week!!  I’ve said this before, but one storm was coming in while my youngest and I were there and the satellite TV went out early on a Friday night due to snow covering it.  My son & I looked at each other, then decided “We’re outta here!”  We drove back before the storm fully kicked in.

So we’ll see??  Bend is hard to get to, flights are expensive.  I’ll have to see if I could fly into there in the next few weeks, a fun adventure.  It would be cool while I still have my license, not sure if it would be convenient once I stop flying.  I weigh pros & cons so much about these locations I end up doing nothing but writing about them.

For THIS house, I finished half of the kitchen cabinets!  Just waiting for the people from Lowe’s to come to measure for the new counter tops and backsplashes in the next few weeks.  By doing it myself, I saved about $6,800 – it was around $200 for supplies and a TON of my time!!  Still worth it, putting any other creative endeavors on hold until I’m done.


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