Pacing myself

This has been the summer of the kitchen so far, my work day starts up again after I write this.  Instead of writing this un-read blog, I did submit a few articles to AOPA magazine and Latitude 38 for sailing.  Of course, haven’t heard back from either.  It takes awhile, they get a lot of submissions.  It’s just that I might as well try?  I haven’t submitted anything for a really long time.  The last article I submitted was on my son Frank, that got the cover of a section in the Contra Costa Times.  Don’t know why I stopped writing to submit articles to publications?

What will I do when the kitchen’s done?  Floors!!  My pace is always do this stuff in the morning when I have a few brain cells, this blog makes me wake my mind up.  Some people do yoga, I do my coffee and start typing.  My body starts moving after lunch when I ride my bike or walk downtown then swim.  The mornings are for my brain, which I gotta say I worry about from time to time.  Getting that age related forgetfulness, mostly with people’s names.  I’ve written this before, after 40 everyone needs name tags.  I struggle to remember the names of common things, not the greatest feeling.  Still, my common sense and instincts are good for flying & sailing.

For the 4th I laid low for once.  Usually we’re in Bisbee for the 4th, this year my mom didn’t think she could handle the trip (relieved of that really).  My son and DIL came over to bring me frozen yogurt, then started telling me what to do with the house.  Take out the backyard, put a nice backyard out there.  I kept saying, “Let me finish this kitchen!!”  I said I wanted a little studio of my own, then they started saying I should take down one of the bedrooms for a studio.  Finally my DIL said, “She wants a studio in Tahoe.”  True.

It’s weird, as if my kids know better than me now or something??  I’m still VERY capable, I just for once would like a nice house with my taste, even if it’s bad taste.  So far it’s all been a huge compromise, with 2 boys and dogs this house was decorated for everything to be destroyed at any moment.  I keep threatening to put plastic over everything like my great-aunts did when they re-did their houses after kids were grown in the 60’s/70’s.

It would be nice to just have my own space, someplace I can just work on stuff without compromise.

The measurements for counter tops are ready at Lowe’s, next stop is painting then heading out there to order them.  They won’t be installed for a few weeks, planning to fly up to Bend next week for an actual vacation.  Last weekend was a nice mini-staycation at Angel Island, was sore all week after all that rowing!

My brain is somewhat awake now, there’s a point where I’m just flat out stalling 🙂

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