Getting ready for Bend

This will be the first time flying up there solo, see how it goes??  The other day I went to practice touch & goes in the club plane – something I really haven’t done for awhile.  Last month we flew to Torrance where the clouds broke up right at the runway and I was able to land VFR.

Of course, as luck would have it, the plane has a flat tire that hopefully will be fixed by the time I want to take off tomorrow.  I try and time my flights in a certain time period depending on the length.  This is looking like a 3 hour flight, which means if I leave at 10a I will have eaten and used the bathroom 50 times already and should be good for 3 hours.  The plan is to get in around 1p for lunch/latte/relaxing.

When my kids were little I did the same with my LA drives.  That was REALLY hard to do!!  Our families didn’t understand my plan, especially my in-laws.  My drive plan was to get out of there by the kids nap time so they’d sleep in the car for part of the trip, we’d end up leaving at MY nap time!!  Twice I had to pull over just to get 15min of sleep to keep driving, once at Pyramid lake watching a movie on water supply.

On drives I stop every 2 hours, which was recommended to me by plane too.  I see Klamath is 2 hours for a quick potty break (I know, flight planning has to include this in a small plane).  My flight bag has a finger oxygen monitor, a Boost oxygen can just in case.  It should be fine, not going higher than 10,500′ and not even that until after Klamath.  I have a Garmin InReach that will ping my location every 15min for my family.

Once I get there I’ll start making other plans, like possibly fly fishing?  They said it’s a 30 day cancellation with openings this week.  A friend of mine will be there for work, another pilot friend is flying up with his family in a Pilatus, super nice plane!!  It’ll be an adventure!!

I’ll see how easy a flight this is, it will determine how much time I really want to spend up there?  The last time I was there was just for a few nights and I loved it.  Right in between seasons with snow on the ground still.  The town was cute, looked like Walnut Creek when I first moved here.  Someone mentioned mosquitos, that would be a deal breaker.  Didn’t get too eaten in Iowa a few weeks ago, still, I hate bugs.


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