The flight – Bay Area to Bend, Oregon

Honestly, there was a point where I was ready to just hop in the car and drive the 8 hours thinking it wasn’t going to happen!  I gave myself plenty of time to do that, the hotel was pre-paid, there’s always a Plan B.

Plenty of sleep the night before, had breakfast then threw some granola bars & water into my bag for the flight.  The tire was just being fixed when I got there, all was going according to plan with a slight delay from the tire.  Then I might have flooded the engine by pumping the primer too much??  Couldn’t get it to start.  On the club plane Archer, it’s 6 pumps to get it going, this one is 2.  I was txt’ing my friend the whole time for help when the maintenance guy came up and did a quick start for me – felt like a girl who didn’t know how to start a plane!  Was glad for the help though.

It was on!!  It’s a pretty straight route, put in a waypoint of Klamath just in case I needed a pit stop along the way.  Thought I had my InReach tracking started but there’s a button I didn’t press or something for the tracking and it didn’t send anything but the link.  The other thing I should have done beforehand was link my headset to music, figuring it out in flight was too distracting solo.


A friend told me to go at 10,500 through the pass in between Mt. Shasta and some other volcano, which was beautiful to fly through!!  There was a cloud cover in there, broken enough for me to stay clear of clouds without any turbulence.  From sailing, I find my route through the water and did the same through the clouds.  It was a little bit more of a challenge than water.

Once the cloud cover was gone, went back down to 8,500′ where I got into turbulence throughout that whole Crater Lake area.  Checked the Klamath ATIS, it wasn’t high winds or thermals?  The updrafts pushed me up about 500′ at times, very hard to keep altitude.  I just went with it like chop on water, glad to not have passengers to calm down.  After a good 100 miles of that, the next hill range was close to Bend.  After those hills it was fine.

The only problem I had in there was not being able to see the runway through the trees. My SIM had a beacon where the runway was once I cleared that range.  From the GPS, I was a little West of the runway at 10 miles without having it in sight.  When I looked to the right a little there were airport buildings/hangars, lined myself up for a straight in and glided right on in.  Luckily the landing was good, the take off was too just really gusty at Concord!

The weather looks good all the way down for departing on Friday.  The bumps will determine if I ever fly up here again?  A pocket dream of mine is to get a place up here and fly back and forth, there’s NO WAY I would have wanted my family with me through that turbulence 🙁  I stayed calm, not sure if I could have dealt with keeping passengers calm too?  One thing I should have considered was staying at 10,500′.  On the way back I’ll go 9,500′ which should clear turbulence.  It was just odd?  No clouds, wind or extreme heat?

Since arriving haven’t done much but enjoy seeing my friend, long walks, found a park bench to read and enjoying now one of my favorite places.  There’s a house on Zillow might check out today?  Forecast still looks good for departing on Friday, then back to kitchen cabinets in the ‘Crik.

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