Floating & Houses, Bend

The price of poker has gone up here in the housing market, at least what people are asking for their houses.  I’m afraid the housing rush from CA to Bend was years ago.  There was a house right by the State Parks in kind of a track home place that looked cool, had to wonder if it wasn’t a retirement type place?  It’s not like I don’t qualify at 56, just that not quite ready to go there yet.  Of course the houses I really like are right on the river, they’re over a million.  I can totally envision sipping my latte on my porch watching droves of people float by.

Speaking of, went on that float myself yesterday afternoon and what a blast!  For $20 there’s a shuttle that takes you to the top of the float, then picks you up close to downtown when you’re done.  I brought a dry bag for my keys and sunglasses, left everything else in the trunk of the car.  They gave us a briefing about going through the mini-rapids to lose everything if you flip.  In that briefing, they said if you held onto other tubes you have a better chance of not flipping due to weight and momentum.

Being me, I was doing the rapids no matter what!  You’re already wet the second you sit in the tube, it’s 2′ of water through there so it’s not like you’ll drown.  The float went through the Old Mill section (with newer buildings) for a very leisurely adventure.  When I got closer to the rapids, there were some teenage girls I asked to join for it.  Felt a little old lady, being older than their mom’s at this point (who BTW, said no to the rapids before we headed out).  We held each other’s tubes while screaming with excitement of it.  Afterward, I floated on my way thanking them for that experience.

IMG_3425 (1)

The float from there was very calm, through the houses – almost like Pirates of the Caribbean.  Looked at the chairs set up, the canoes, probably a little room I could make a studio out of?  Just dreaming along.  Got out, hopped on the shuttle, then headed for dry clothes.  Yeah, I wore shorts and a tee shirt, should’ve had a bathing suit on.  Plug for Skechers, my slip ons worked really well then were dry when I woke up this morning.

In the morning, which was supposed to be a hike, I headed to Pilot Butte driving my car up for the insane view.  My camera didn’t quite capture it, it was overcast.  Hard to believe you’re staring at a bunch of volcanoes.  We deal with earthquakes and faults, volcanoes are a whole other beast.  The featured image is from the top.


Then headed to downtown for lunch/latte at one of my now favorite restaurant/coffee shops.  The Lemon Tree, then to the Looney Bean coffee where there is a yard that looks over the river.  Cracked open the Kindle to read while I sipped, checking out the view from time to time, heaven.


Today is fly fishing with a guide, we’ll see how that goes??

Obviously I’m a water-woman.  Was trying to compare this to someplace like Monterey, which is spectacular scenery to look at – full wetsuit to go in the water.  That sea is look but don’t go in, it’ll sweep someone out in no time during those sneaker wave seasons.  This is river friendly (this time of year).

Been a great trip so far, the weather looks good for flight home tomorrow.  See if I can catch one of those trouts today!!  I brought a cooler, what I really need to learn is to catch & release on my own.

On a safety note, while I was going in the hotel lobby to refill my water bottle some guy pulled up in front to ask a question.  Didn’t get too close to the car on purpose, wondering why he would possibly ask me anything?  No idea about directions, the hotel is right off the freeway.  He asked for gas money, he was going to Klamath Falls – 2 hours away – forgot wallet, cell phone, etc..  Really???  I told him I didn’t have cash then walked inside, narking to the front desk clerk who was also shocked.  Told him it was a white, nondescript car and that the guy was white, nondescript.  Actually, he looked a little like “Book of Mormon” with the tie and white shirt.  There have been a few times that’s happened to me in my travels, not the greatest feeling.  Regardless of if he was telling the truth, he approaches a woman alone??  I don’t think so buddy…

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