Fly fishing & the flight home

The final day in Bend was spent leisurely going downtown for one last time, grabbing lunch/latte before heading out to Fly & Field Outfitters store for an afternoon sesh.  The forecast for flying back was good, on Thursday there were still quite a few ominous clouds I was a little worried about.  My mind in the morning was wandering to who of my pilot friends was going to come up & rescue me if I can’t get out?  The plane goes into annual this week, it needed to be back.

Once my guide & I headed out towards a river bend about an hour away, the thoughts of flying subsided.  What I thought was going to happen is a few hours of fishing, then go to the concert in Drake’s Park that night.  We ended up not getting back until around 8p, just in time for a taco, a shower and a really good nights sleep.

A word on fly fishing, I’ll try anything once.  It’s not like I have ADD, my attention span doesn’t hold for 4 hours no matter what.  Somehow the time went by pretty fast, I caught quite a few trout.  It might have been better to go out in the morning for catches, still it was a great time.  Fly fishing is a little different, you have to gear up to get in the river which we walked across a few times.  I love that kind of thing, glad to not have fallen in or got swept away.  It was hot enough outside that the cool water felt really good through the waders.  You have to stare at the whatchamacallit for any movement, then the second that thing moves you have to lift.  The fish are a lot quicker than my trigger, if I had the timing right I would have caught a lot more.  It was all catch & release.

When I got back, exhausted, was happy I hadn’t signed up for a full day.  In just a few short days I hit a lot of what Bend has to offer.  My lodging wasn’t great, stayed at a Red Lion.  It was clean and perfect for being out all day to just sleep in at night.

In the morning there was not a cloud in the sky and I was ready to fly home.  Checked forecast by Mt. Shasta, clear.  Tried to get out of there by 10a before it heated up except there was a fly in where people were checking out or fueling up.  There was some guy lingering around my plane to chat, I was being rather rude because these guys will talk your ear off and I wanted to get out of there.  The fly out group then completely blocked me making me sit in the hot plane to wait for them to clear.  No matter, when they did clear the plane wouldn’t start.


Still not used to this particular plane, the other Archer I fly starts up after about 6 primes, this one is supposed to be less, tried not to flood it.  One of the maintenance guys did another hot start for me then I was on my way.  Pressed “start” on the Garmin InReach so my family could track my flight, plugged in the flight plan for a MUCH easier flight back home.  The Garmin stuff really is a godsend, it calculates everything down to the gallon of gas.  Landed in Concord, no problems besides being HOT.  I flew most of the way at 9,500′ where it was a lot cooler.

Above pics are Mt. Shasta & InReach tracking my flight every 10 minutes sending family location.  Those blue boxes are where I’ve used the satellite txt feature where there was no cell coverage.

Then after dinner and a cool bath, settled down to watch 20/20 JFK Jr. 20th anniversary accident…ugh.   That’s a well documented accident, he did everything wrong.  I read somewhere that he was an experienced pilot?  This show confirmed what I had heard, he was not and was flying a new plane for him with hardly any time on it.  Why someone like him wouldn’t have brought an instructor is nuts??  I’m very cautious with a no-go.  And on a personal crush note, I couldn’t get out of bed for 2 days after he died – I thought I had a shot 🙂  It appears after this show last night I wasn’t the only one with the crush.  He’d be close to 60 now?  Maybe around 58, he was only a few years older than me.

Also came home to some great news!!  My son qualified for the world deaf golf championship team next year in England.  While I was in Bend, he was in the 4 day qualifier in Connecticut.  Proud mommy !!

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