Chill’in @ SJC

On my way to El Paso to then hop in a rental car for Las Cruces, New Mexico.  San Jose seemed to be the cheapest flight, not the smartest choice of airports from where I live.  My H dropped me off way too early to avoid the nightmare commuter traffic down here.  With hours to burn, charging & writing seem to be my only source of entertainment.

Annoying things at airports include:
-Having TSA pre-check yet always get the random search??
-Sitting down where no one really is at the time, only to have someone come and sit right behind you (touching heads) when they have the whole row behind you available.
-Chargers that don’t work.
-Everyone else being as annoyed as I always am.
-Getting to & from airports
-People who try and cheat the boarding pass system.
-Boarding and then sitting on the plane for extended periods but they got their on-time performance credits by being at least boarded.

The list goes on…

There’s a great Seinfeld episode on the whole plane experience, where he & Elaine are bumped to another flight with one seat being in 1st class.  He takes that one, Elaine is stuck in the middle seat with the aisle seat taken by a guy with a ton of carry on bags that sleeps through the flight so she can’t get up and use the bathroom.  It’s hysterical!!  It’s also pre-9/11.  For some reason I didn’t think things got bad until after that (I can’t imagine what a Seinfeld episode would be with this TSA stuff).

Just kind of on a rant to burn some time.  Certainly nothing has stopped me from traveling, just have to be in the zone and suck it up to get where I want to go.  The problem with flying myself is it’s monsoon season throughout there.  Last thing I want is a storm cell popping up!!  They sweep through so fast.  Once I was in Arizona on my bike going through a tunnel where it was totally sunny.  On the other side of the tunnel it was pouring rain, it just swept right through.  I stayed in the tunnel until it cleared.

In the meantime, touching heads person #1 has left to be replaced with THP #2.  Still the whole row of chairs is empty.  This is going to be a long, no personal space day.

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