Just call me “Fernando”

What an interesting travel day, a first time for this one.  To get to El Paso, it was your usual 2 flight trip with no delays.  Got the window seats both times, short flights.  From Phoenix to El Paso the woman in the middle seat not only took both arm rests (which she should, sucky seat), but decided to stretch her inconvenience a little farther by practically elbowing me the whole flight & sharing part of my seat with her butt.  It was a really short flight, nothing out of the unexpected.

The night before I debated rental car or shuttle to Las Cruces from El Paso.  Usually I just hop on the shuttle, it’s pretty easy.  You have to make a reservation for both trips there and back, the price is about $100.  But wait!!  I went on booking.com to look at rental car rates finding one from Avis for a week at $150 pre-paid.  When I first did the search at airport pick up I put in “ELP,” the airport code for El Paso making sure it was an Avis airport pick up and not off site.

What could have possibly gone wrong??  The car was at the airport alright…in Juarez, Mexico.  When I got to the Avis counter they didn’t have my reservation.  They did, however, have a SUV available for $800 on up.  Booking.com did the reservation, not their problem.  Pre-paid…ugh.

As I was FREAKING OUT I saw the shuttle guy with his notepad at the pick up place for Las Cruces.  There was room, threw him my credit card then hopped on my cell to call booking.com.  My phone call was a little like this:

Me:  How is it even possible for me to have gotten a car in Mexico when I plugged in ELP??

CSS (Customer shitty service):  We’re sorry for the confusion, we are booking.com.  You will have to call cars.booking.com @ (giving me the wrong phone number).

Me:  OK, well I just want you to know that’s a pretty major flaw in your website to have a pick up in another country.  Thought you should know.


Dial the number, which is out of service.  Get my things in the shuttle then start emailing the cars.booking.com to get a cancellation and refund.  The reply is my featured image.  How they screwed up my reservation and THEN my name is actually pretty funny.  Makes me sound like a bullfighter or something.

Still, the wrong customer service person to talk to or email.  2 down, 2 more to go.  The reply to my “????” email on the name said so sorry, the agency is actually rentalcars.com that I had to contact.  Call their customer service agent, who happily told me there was nothing she could do for the refund then referred me to their website to fill out a customer service form for the refund.   She emailed me a step by step way to fill out the form.

Somewhere in there was a customer service number I called that kept asking for a PIN number that wasn’t in anything I had.  There was no way on that line to get past that PIN number request, it was a dead end.

On to the online refund request, except the button she had promised to fill out the form was not on the website?  There was an online chat customer service person, who told me that there was nothing they could do now because it was hours after the pick-up time.  I told her I had a backlog of emails & cell call times to prove I’ve been trying to take care of this for hours.  So sad, too bad.

One more call before I went to sleep, my bank to stop charges.  They’re going to take it from here.

Nowhere in my travels has anything like this ever happened?  The most ironic part is I rated booking.com 5 stars right before I headed out.  I would like to take that back now.  When it all works out it’s great, have a problem and you’re S out of luck.


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