All’s Well in Las Cruces & random mom thoughts

This week was all about walking the dog and errands for my son.  We did get a quick trip to White Sands, a place definitely worth seeing if there’s a chance.  Warning though, we went later in the afternoon for the sunset while it was still almost 100 degrees.  There’s picnic table shade, otherwise you can forget about shade.  The sand is thankfully very fine, not hot.  I’m used to beach sand where you can’t walk on it past 80 degrees.

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Other than that, just your normal car maintenance/house items/paperwork type stuff.  My son wants to golf on tour, we’re giving him that time to see if that’s a possibility.  If there’s a place to do nothing but practice golf, it’s here in Las Cruces.  There’s just not a whole lot to do here?  There’s every store imaginable, the people are really nice.  What I do when I come out here is bring some of my piano books then head down to The Music Store to use their practice room for an hour.  Otherwise I’m not sure what I’d do?

My son is deaf, he can also be a little stubborn and hoping not unrealistic.  His passion has always been golf, he grew up on the golf course I worked at.  He came out here for the PGM program (Pro Golf Management) then decided he didn’t want to sit in a classroom, he wanted to play.  We had a guy work at the course I was at that came from a PGM program at Arizona State (which is now gone).  He was $100k in student loan debt working with me and being paid the same as I was hourly.

With my back problems, it hurts to think about playing golf again.  It takes a lot of time to get good, then even more time to be pro.  My son is definitely driven, he shoots pretty decent scores.  Since I’ve been here he shot par then 1 over on the course here.

Kids are hard, I tell them both it’s our job as parents for you to be OK and self sufficient after we’re gone.  You try and be a good example, I always worked part time when they were school age.  I try to learn new things, do the best I can taking care of everyone and everything.  My husband has his own business, we’ve had a stable income after the first few months of no income.  That was a risk worth taking, we were young and totally debt free with crappy cars.

While we were here we saw Toy Story 4 (another thing to do here in Las Cruces, the movie theater was packed).  Don’t want to be a spoiler, it was a little overboard on the PC, but one of the toys thought Woody’s voice box would be the answer to all her problems since hers was broken.  She found out that wasn’t the problem after all, that was good for my son to see.

Still, being deaf is not an easy disability in the working world.  Should he settle for a job possibly collecting tickets at a movie theater?  Or go for his dream, which he’s actually quite good at?

When he was in preschool, before 9/11, I was sitting in LAX waiting for my flight.  A guy handed me a pencil and a piece of paper saying could I please buy the pencil from him since he was deaf.  I was mortified!!  This was not going to be my son’s future selling pencils at the airport!!  The bar has always been high for him.  It surprises me he doesn’t want to go to school, he was such a good student.

For my own dreams, I’d like to find a place where I can be the most creative.  I also need some space to study for my instrument rating, that’s on my bucket list.  Gotta get through that fog in LA or any of the coasts where I love to fly.

Getting doggy licks, time for the last walk before I take off again…

These pics are in Old Mesilla, the best restaurant EVER is Andeles.

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