Fuzzy Memories

Driving up I-5, on my monthly pilgrimage to LA that I’ve done for almost 30 years, there was a car that hit the car in front of him and spun out 180 towards me for a head on.  Somehow that didn’t happen?  I could see he had no control, it was total slow motion for a little while and I just watched where I should go to get out of it based on how his car was moving.  One wrong move and it would have been a head on, but his car fishtailed then went head on into the passing lane and on to the median without hitting another car.  There was a ton of traffic, not sure how that didn’t happen?

I’m sure it caused accidents behind us, it just happened so fast I got off a few exits later to just calm down and stay the night.  That’s probably happens every day on I-5, it’s just the closest I’ve ever come to being in a pile up.  Last Sunday I flew it from San Diego from a wedding with little problem.  Didn’t want to take the plane to my mom’s for this little reunion we had.

That turned out to be quite the flood of childhood memories reunion!!  I had not seen these girls for over 40 years, some of them I was friends with as a little girl.  Yes, there are still people who live in Manhattan Beach that grew up there…some of them not even rich or famous…haha.  It was aerospace engineers when I grew up, I had the only dad who worked in Hollywood for Peterson Publishing.

There were only 20 of us, once I started recognizing them in our 56 year old faces/bodies I could see the little girls in us all.  It was really cool, no reason I should have been nervous at all.

Then my HS bestie was in town, who I have seen on my trip to Lopez Island in March.  She moved into her dad’s house after he passed away, it’s exactly the same (same with my mom’s house).  I rode the electric bike I have at my mom’s, replacing the moped when we were in HS.  Beach parking is nuts, it’s just so much easier to ride a bike.  I yelled when I was there, “I rode my moped!”  We used to ride our mopeds, no helmet or even shoes, in our bikini’s back and forth.  You didn’t even need a permit or license at that time.

Then we had a beach day!  Walked to lunch on the strand, dove in the water on her street like we did almost every day from 14 to almost 20 years old.  Days like that really make me grateful I grew up where I did.

Right before I headed out on my bike my mom was following me around the house and garage.  Usually when I go down I spend the whole time with her, this time I was there for the event wanting to see friends.  We’re in the garage where she starts pulling things out wanting me to go through everything.  I said, “Mom, I just want to pump up my tires and head out.”  She said, “I’ve always wanted to go to Santa Monica on the ferris wheel, it’s on my bucket list.”  I said, “Could you have brought this up before you knew I was leaving for the day?”  She seemed a little pissed, then went inside.

The next day we were supposed to go to breakfast with some other neighborhood friends but she wasn’t feeling well.  Of course, I felt like shit about being so blunt.  She stayed home while I went to breakfast.  I offered to stay a few more days, she seemed to want me to leave.  I never do that, just go down and not spend time with her.  I shouldn’t say it that way, I spent the first 2 days just not the weekend.  She’s just not used to that.

The whole mother/daughter dynamic is so difficult, especially with some of her memory stuff (and hello!! Mine isn’t the best either).  I don’t think she knew what we were in the garage for?  Don’t know why she followed me out there?  She follows me everywhere when I’m in the house, there’s no privacy.  I mentioned this before, the computer is in my old room where she comes up then reads me all her emails.

All my friends have lost at least one parent by now, I get that it’s not going to be forever.  Next trip down we’ll do that ferris wheel! I’ll have to memory lane with friends some other time.

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