Almost done with kitchen

Or what I did with my summer vacation, besides keep leaving so I wouldn’t have to face the daunting paint job.  I have 2 more coats to go on the doors before I’m done.  Picked out floors yesterday & still waiting on Lowes for the backsplash.  They said installed in a week, it’s been almost a month.  They did a great job on the counter tops, everything is looking great!!  I keep calling about the installation once it was clear they weren’t installing anytime soon.  After 3 phone calls, they called to say my order was short backsplash??  I bought some just to make sure it looked how I thought it would, I had what I needed.  What a BS story to say it’s MY fault it’s not installed yet.  Then they STILL haven’t called me for an install date.  If I don’t hear back by today I’m just going to cancel the whole order & have my guys do it.

The funniest part about that phone call was they wanted to make sure I bought the right extra backsplash, like I might F that up when I’m the one who picked it out.

The house is coming together, we’ve never remodeled our house besides the downstairs bathroom over ten years ago.  We’ve lived here about 20 years now, it’s a very lived in house.

Today is getting a new garage door mechanism, ours has never worked.  It takes me 5 minutes to shut the stupid thing, it goes up & down forever while I shut it.  The whole point is to press a damn button.  I dread opening it just because I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to shut it.

Been painting every day since I’ve been back in the morning before it heats up.  They took all our stuff to the dump, whatever was useful I took to Goodwill yesterday.  It’ll be like a new house by the time I’m done, very excited about that!!  I noticed a cool fireplace insert that matches the kitchen with the rocks being blue with a turquoise flame.  Making everything up as I go along…in the meantime, I look like total crap.

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