Not a writing/photography summer

That’s because of this kitchen, which will be done soon.  Lots of family stuff, lots of back & forth to SoCal with camera in tow and no time for pics.  It sometimes comes down to being in the moment or taking a picture of the moment and missing it.  Can’t remember the last time I popped the drone up?

Still, I dragged my camera everywhere I went just to have the extra bag “just in case” that moment popped up.  Photographers are so damn good now!  A few of my favs lately are in my hometown in Manhattan Beach, Bo Bridges & Paul Towers.  Both way younger than me, have been following them on Instagram.  Another kid to watch for is Evan Nicolini, he just did a Ferrari commercial!  Evan is probably just 20 years old now?  I watched him grow up golfing with his brother and my son.  When I worked at the golf course there were 3 generations of Nicolini’s sometimes in a day.  Super sweet and adorable kids.

I’d be jealous, if it wasn’t the fact that I’ve spent all summer trying to make my kitchen my artistic expression for the summer so it’s not like I’ve been sitting around doing nothing.  In my spare time, I’ve been studying for the written to get IFR for flying.

Plus my all day shoots on sites are over.  They really wiped me out being at a job site all day with sometimes no bathrooms.  A few years ago I did a drone shoot in Tahoe that lasted all day.  We packed in food and were there for the rest of the day with no bathrooms on a very hot day.  You’re not done until the job is totally done, there’s no specific hours in which that might happen.  I’d wake up to an email saying to be at a job site in an hour, or get a message at 11p saying the shoot was at 6am.  Crazy hours, it was fun while it lasted though!

I’m content with my limited success in the drone world and OK with giving it up.  Every once in awhile I get a bug that makes me want to compete in that world again.  When I see a picture I could have taken, or have already taken and haven’t had printed.  I’m still sitting on an embroidery I did and haven’t done anything with.  That’s after the kitchen…backsplash today then we’ll see if I have any game left in any arena artistically.

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