Writing practice

This in itself is practice…

Cruising through one of the surviving Barnes & Noble stores the other day I found this sale book called, “Coffee Break Writing” by John Gillard.  There’s hardly a time I buy a hard copy book anymore, when Kindle came out I was one of the first converts.  Everyone labeled me as a non-reader after the switch when actually I was reading more than ever with the light weight, being able to throw it in my purse, not having to buy the hard copy for my vision then finally…storage.  Instead of a library there’s a stack of books in my closet.

When Barnes & Noble closed a huge store here in Walnut Creek it was hard for me to feel bad for them, they wiped out all the local bookstores here when they came in.  Still, growing up in libraries and bookstores makes me veer to a bookstore every time.

When I saw this little workbook for a few dollars, had to have it!!  The last few days the latte stops have been semi-productive.  It’s just a few minutes of writing, kind of like a condensed freshman writing assignment every day.  Practice is practice though, no matter the form.

With photography (which I haven’t been doing much of, plus my photoshop crashed my computer until I had the time to spend an hour on the phone with Adobe) I’ve been a professional photographer for the Contra Costa Times along with some other contracted work.  Have never made anything with writing after a lifetime of it.  That doesn’t prevent me from getting better at it, maybe that’s the whole problem in the first place??  Maybe it’s just that I’m not a good enough writer?

It’s time to up my game, try to find a niche that no one’s thought of?  You would not believe the closet full of writing books, a few articles I’ve written (non-paid), exercises and journals I have on this.  Not that I’m prolific by any means, just that it’s never gotten much farther than this un-read blog.

Did I post a before & after of the kitchen??  That’s been a beast of a project, which has my camera neglected and dusty.  Thought it would be an artistic expression, instead it was manual labor.  Very happy with it!!  Between me & Lowes, it cost $6k for counter tops installed and another grand for backsplash installed.  A few hundred for paint and supplies with a whole summer of my time!!  Can’t tell if it looks like a swimming pool or Manhattan Beach pier???  The colors of my life, including this blog.

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