With no time to write, even though I was picturing myself sitting in a cafe in Paris writing this whole time.  I’d also love to take credit for the featured image..don’t ya’ just hate it when you lug a nice camera around then someone not only shoots a better shot w/ a phone, then renders it with more imagination than you?  My H took that shot.

We took Norwegian from Oakland to Paris non-stop, getting in around noon.  Convenient & priced right?  Yes.  9 hours with my knees in the seat in front of me was not super comfy, but thanks to Advil PM I made it through without a blood clot or going insane.

The timing of the plane was good for adjusting almost right away to the time difference.

The trip was supposed to be for our son’s wedding in Turkey next week.  That’s not happening, they had to cancel when their immigration interview was suspiciously scheduled 2 days after the wedding 🙁  We had everything good to go, so instead of coming with us they’re house sitting until we get back.

On to Paris!!  I’ve been there a few times, never so crowded!!  Must have been off season the times I’ve been here before?  My first time was supposed to be Sep 13th, 2001 for our 10th anniversary.  At the time, my mom was working for American Airlines giving us access to first class tickets.  Of course, that was cancelled due to 9/11.  She lost her job to Homeland Security soon after, the trip was postponed for another year.  What a horrible event, hard to believe how long ago that was now.

Paris seems to be full of  the most beautiful people in the world.  I’m 5’9″, short and average for Paris.

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Scaffolding on Notre Dame

We did the usual tours, the Orsay & Eiffel Tower.  Walked a bunch, got almost 10 miles a day in.  The unexpected highlight of our trip was touring the first deaf school in the world, Institut National de Jeunes Sourds de Paris, for my son.  I read a trip adviser review on it that you had to email for a tour reservation, which I did to get an afternoon appointment.  Our guide, Henri, was 3rd generation deaf and non-speaking.  We entered a room with the timeline of the deaf school, then below was what was going on historically in France.  It was really interesting, my son has weaved in & out of the deaf community.  He was mainstreamed by 3rd grade, then went to middle and HS in Walnut Creek.  We tried to integrate him back in by going to Northridge, he didn’t seem to like LA very much.

What I couldn’t understand, my son interpreted for me.  It was a decent tour, showing us the beautiful wood carvings, statues, wrought iron railings, all made by deaf students.  The library was like a Harry Potter movie, the gardens were a mini Versailles.  There were only 4 of us on the tour, we toured with a deaf couple from Brazil.

I say we adjusted, never enough to stay out too late for any kind of nightlife there.  My trips there in the past have been seeing Paris at night too.  Wasn’t happening this trip!  We were only there a few nights, then we hopped on the bullet train to Nice where we are now.  We rented a huge, beautiful apartment in Nice.  Getting our stair climb in, it’s up quite a few flights of stairs.  It’s also loud most of the time with the vendors below then parties all night.  Not a big deal, by the time we’re done for the day there’s not much that can wake me up.

That’s all for now, write about Nice maybe tomorrow?


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