Now for Nice & Monte Carlo

Took a little bit of a tumble in Monaco, not so bad I couldn’t make it back on the bus & trains to get back to our apartment.  It might limit my water time here with the scrape.

We got here by the bullet train from Paris, about 6 hours of spectacular scenery.  Our apartment is in Old Nice, almost the penthouse, making it quite the stair climb once we get out.  The apartment itself is perfect!  It’s pretty big, with a much needed washing machine at this point in the trip.  Last time we were here we spent quite a few hours in a laundromat.  Laundromat’s are a great way to meet people, it’s just very convenient to have it available on-site.

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So far it’s just been swimming and walking around.  I haven’t explored a whole lot here besides trying to find a specific perfume for my son’s neighbor which for some reason I can’t find anywhere?  Giving it one more go today, then giving up on finding it.

I did find this 🙂 

We took the train to Monaco yesterday to see how the other half lives…pretty funny…no one really lives like that unless they want to go bankrupt.  OK, maybe a few people, the wealthiest people I know aren’t very flashy.  There are a few ways to get there from here, a $1 Euro bus that I read was hot and crowded, a $90 Euro helicopter ride for 6 min., then the $3.50 Euro train.  If possible, I try to find a place to practice piano when I leave for extended periods of time.  The train stations actually have public pianos.  Our train was 30 minutes away, I nervously went to the piano to play something & immediately my H came over to ask where our son was?  I stopped playing and said “I don’t know?”  Then tried to play again when they both said, “We have to go.”  We walked to the platform to wait another 20 minutes for the train.

It was pretty humiliating to sit down for just a few minutes to have my family basically get me off of it like I totally sucked.  While we were waiting for the train, I said, “I’m sorry I embarrassed you both so much we had to leave.”  Reminds me of my mom, just when I’m in the middle of playing something she’ll tap my shoulder because she needs an emery board NOW!!  How do I take that?  Like I suck so please stop playing NOW.

Travelling with family is always going to have the inner-drama feud a-brewing, mostly about who gets the charger.

As we left the Monaco station there was a girl at the piano who was playing Queen, now she was good!!  It was a neat feature that they have those there, along with so much public transportation when I fell I didn’t need to walk up the hill back to the station.

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Monaco/Monte Carlo was a good trip just to see for a few hours.  All kinds of high end cars (which I’m used to seeing in LA & Bay Area).  Casinos that we didn’t go inside because we’re not gamblers.  Then the high end stores everywhere, similar to an outdoor Las Vegas.  The idea being win big, then go to the dealerships or buy a nice watch.  Maybe one of those yachts??  Instead, we wandered to a Starbucks to get some ice coffee before my senior citizen blunder.

We were about to go through a tunnel where they were filming a movie, so the road was blocked.  The film crew told us we couldn’t go, I turned around to step on the sidewalk and there was a ramp I didn’t see that blocked my foot…boom!  Everyone came running over, now THAT was embarrassing!!  They seemed sincere, it was a production guy then police.  A mini crowd gathered.  I’ve seen a few tumbles, one motorcycle accident (he survived, wasn’t sure when I first saw him lying there).  I was fine, I had a scrape on my knee & didn’t want anyone to worry about me.  My son said it was really loud, like a crack.

Somehow I broke my fall with my hands & knees, cuz that’s what they’re for 🙂

Our day was done there, we found a bus to get us back to the top of the hill for an easy train ride back.  Got in before the pharmacies closed where I picked up some band-aids.  Have a few aches from it, nothing broken.

Nothing can ruin a trip more than being sick or injured!  When I was in Bali a few years ago with my other son, he got in a scooter accident and needed a few stitches from a disgusting SOS clinic that luckily provided antibiotics too.  Kept him out of the water.  As the trip wore on, people told me about horrific accidents where people had to go air ambulance to Japan, a few stitches didn’t seem so bad.

The harvest moon was out that night while we were here…didn’t lug my tripod around but I was able to get a few shots.

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