A full day of touring Istanbul, mostly just getting to & from places for the tours.  After breakfast, we headed via metro to the old city Mosques.  It’s about a mile just to get to the metro from here, my steps have been about 10-20k a day throughout this trip.

Entering the Blue Mosque

I’ll put the link to the Mosques here:

They have better pics overall, women have to dress appropriately as with any church/mosque.  Sorry about the crooked smile, bike accident when I was 16 that left me with this smile.

We did a private tour with a guide that got us into the mosques without waiting in line, much appreciated by this time in our trip.  The Turkish lira is about 6 to 1, wouldn’t say things are cheap here just a lot less than France.


Both mosques were under some renovations, it was still worth touring them.  At the end of the tour we headed for dinner then the sunset boat ride.  Well, dinner never happened and a family breakdown ensued.  My son didn’t want to go on the pre-paid boat ride, we were miles from the hotel which on my own even I wouldn’t be able to get back to.

Finally, out of nowhere, my son turned it around then was great the rest of the day.  We barely got there in time for the boat cruise, without eating.  They had everything on the boat, we just had a quick juice to tide us through then waited it out for a sit down dinner.


The boat cruise was a must, gotta get out on the water there to see everything without the massive crowds.  The water there moves rapidly, I could tell they had to make a run for it to get under this bridge or get slammed against the cement.  The waterways here look almost as busy as the streets with ferries, tours, tankers.  The only thing that’s missing is personal vessels & sailboats.  After being on the water I could see why, that water would take an amateur into the cement.

Swimming in place from that ladder due to fast current

It was a much needed sit down tour as well, windy but not cold.  This takes you up the Bosporus.  Going to cheat again here and add a link:  BTW, wikipedia has been banned in Turkey & not available.  I’m going to tip toe a bit on this blog and just post pretty pictures.

We found some dinner on one of the bridges with an insane view I got a few pics of.  Touristy restaurant, didn’t matter we needed the food by that time.  Taxi back to the hotel (thank God, sometimes you just gotta flag a cab down!) where we all  collapsed.


Tonight I meet our co-parent IL’s, my DIL’s parents.  One of her friends is joining us to interpret.  I’m so excited!!  A little nervous as well, they’ve entrusted us with their daughter this past few years which couldn’t have been easy for anyone.  My poor DIL had to live with us for a year, I can’t imagine having to live with my IL’s or my mom for a year after being married!!  Not sure what’s worse?  My FIL stuck on Ellis Island for 6 mos when he came from Greece at 18 or living with your IL’s for a year?

Their interview in the US went well (of course, they’re legit) and the green card comes soon.  No more government hassles for awhile, just a follow up interview.  It occurs to me that they might live in Turkey at some point, or that my grandkids might be here & I’ll need the Costco size bottle of Advil PM so I can fly back & forth to visit.  Funny, adjusted to the time zone well but those flights!!

We’ll have to see what the future holds??  For right now, all is well.  Mom’s all over the world are the same, we mom’s both made each other picture books of the engagement parties.  We already think the same 🙂

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