Winds & Fires

Our house is ripped apart, 3/4 done with the new floors & carpeting – something that is WAY overdue after living here for 20 years.  Switching gears from raising kids and dogs in the house to possible grandkids??  I’m not going showcase, although it looks so much better!!  It’s still going to be durable enough to handle more kids and dogs, or a renter?

That’s a possibility too, rent the house.  We wouldn’t sell it, our kids could never afford to live here again and we grew up in that kind of town.  Everyone either sold short or helped their kids out so they could stay.  A house down the street from my BIL’s sold for $10 million, how insane is that?

I don’t think I ever want to live in Manhattan Beach again, I’ve always felt inferior & that they win.  I took myself out of the game a long time ago, but this area is known for being snobby too.  I hope I don’t fit into that category, our first house here was $200k and took my uncle & I a month to fix up just to move in.

I’m a do-it-yourselfer, but I give after painting the kitchen.  Maybe I can make this the house we want to stay in?  I keep obsessively Zillowing houses in Bend, that float down the river got to me.

In the meantime, we’re sitting tight with a super windy day ahead.  We’re about the only area that isn’t getting our power shut off today with the winds, it’s already a-blowing.  The other day I flew to Humboldt to see my niece and bring a care package, we skirted the fires.  On the way back I had a nice tailwind that got us ahead of the smoke finger coming right towards Concord.  Just had to keep my eyes good from the smoke so I wouldn’t start tearing up so I could land.

This is a shame, this whole PG&E ordeal is not enough to prevent these fires and in fact caused the one in Geyserville.  Power, what makes us even able to live is the thing that’s taking us down.  We only have so much control over mother nature, the 10 day forecast has no rain in sight.  Last year was the same, no rain and we we socked in with smoke to the point you couldn’t go outside.

We lived in Oakland for that fire 28 years ago a block from evacuation.  The winds blew through the kitchen to slam a door in the house, breaking a window in the door.  We stayed up all night waiting to evacuate.  In the morning it looked like a war zone!!  From our place East to the Caldecott tunnel, everything was gone.

Scary stuff, we’ll see how today goes with these winds and fires…the worst possible conditions mother nature can shell out for fires.

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