Halloween Birthday

Holiday birthdays can be fun or run the show, overshadowing your actual birthday.  I don’t know anything else?  A few common issues is that unless we had Halloween parties every year (which we don’t, haven’t had a birthday party since I was a kid – Oh wait!  My H had a surprise party for me when I turned 35 mid-Oct).  Regardless, people have plans.

It makes me used to being looked over for a bigger event, so that kind of sucks.

Otherwise it’s kinda cool, everyone celebrates.  Surprisingly, I rarely dress up or decorate for Halloween?  Every year my mom sends up decorations that I never put up, right now because my house is torn apart.

My name is Hellerween, the story goes my Godmother said if I was going be born on Halloween my name had to be Heller.  My grandmother’s name was Helen, which was going to be my name if I hadn’t been born on the 31st.  They combined the names to Helleren, a Norwegian surname but a unique first name.  So unique, I think I’m the only one with my name?  Out of gazillions of people on earth, it’s spooky that I’m the only one in itself.  Boo!

Not something I think about a lot, it is pretty odd though?

Not that I’m unique, I’m a stereotype of a kind of creative person who’s never really had a big break through.  My brain goes in so many directions it’s hard for me to focus on one thing.  I wake up to an explosion, then see if I can go one direction during the day to get things done.

Plus I’m getting old…crawling towards 60, kicking & screaming.  50 was kind of “Bring it on.”  I was in great shape, I woke up early that morning and went rowing right below the hospital I was born in.  Since then my body is kicking my butt.  I just started running again (shuffling really) after chronic back problems for years.   The featured image is me @ 50 wearing a gown I made for a party.  Fuzzy, it’s the only one I have of that night.

There was a PBS show on about working your brain and your body for aging, that’s kind of what I do?  Wake up and write (regardless if anyone actually reads it).  Spend an hour @ my piano, get some form of exercise in even if it’s just walking downtown for lunch & latte.  Somewhere in there I try and make something, lately it’s just been the house!!  Thought painting the kitchen cabinets would be an artistic expression and it’s turned into a complete overhaul.

Still haven’t decided what I want to do tomorrow?  Drive to Bend or just kick back here to hand out candy to kids.  Always cute to see the kids grow up in the neighborhood when my kids are grown.  Getting the house ready for grandkids 🙂  Soon I’ll be 60 years old….



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