Organizing Photos (for the 1st time)

It’s embarrassing that all my pics are scattered on different computers and iPhones, disks, etc with absolutely no organization whatsoever.  When the kids were little and film was still king the second the prints were developed I’d throw them into an album then send copies to grandparents.  With the house being under construction, I found an album one of our mom’s put together from the pics I sent them.

Right now on the front porch there’s a Mac cemetery waiting for the e-waste day.  There’s a G4 and another desktop.  Even the Mac I’m typing on now is maybe 5 years old?  I had to switch over to a PC when I was working with the drone stuff, nothing on the Mac was very compatible.

While I write, photos are uploading to Shutterfly from this computer.  I’m down to at least 2014 with my youngest HS graduation.  One of the other things that inspired me to do this was those fires last week, I have all this on a USB yet nothing in a cloud.

So that’s the plan this week while I wait for the rest of the house to be finished.  Floor & carpets are in and I’m slowly putting everything away.

Another birthday come & gone with 60 rearing it’s head soon.  It goes by fast, it’s kind of fluid though?  I look at people my age (especially at the reunion) and see how everyone has aged.  That’s not a bad thing, it’s just what it is.

Trying to do birthday and New Years goals now so I keep doing things with my brain to at least keep that going.  This past week I’ve been getting checked out in a 182RG plane (Cessna retractable gear).  It’s hard to land because you’re always using trim more than any other plane I’ve flown.  If that trim is down, you’re fighting the plane to bring the nose up and can easily porpoise down the runway.  Being a youtube addict, I watched a Rod Machado clip on flaring and peripheral vision.  He mentions being over 50 your peripheral deteriorates a little and the avatar pilot over 50 was a little old gray haired man.  Ugh.

One of the coolest gifts this year was from my brother, we never do birthday gifts.  I was so touched, he’s had a lot of health stuff this past year and 3 of our peer cousins have died the past 6 mos., 2 younger than us.  Even he’s realizing we’re getting older & I’m extremely touched and will treasure his gift forever, it was super thoughtful.

60 or 6′ under??  Kind of feeling like the final leg.

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