The cure for daylight savings time, where it’s dark at 4p in California.  Plus a pre-holiday chaos unwind to gear up for a full December.  Found some good rates for O’ahu’s off season so jumped on a plane last minute.

Besides, my travel blogs get more likes than any personal stuff I ever write…haha.  It’s all about the likes 🙂  That, and I want to figure my camera out once and for all!!  There are so many times I’m limited if I can’t find a manual setting that works for the pictures, like these moon shots at 6a here.


By mistake, I mentioned on FB that I’d like a practice piano/keyboard out here if possible and a male childhood friend might have thought that was an invite?  Awkward.  I’m pretty naive to what’s happened to people as the years have gone by, plus I’m addicted to Law & Order reruns, didn’t mean to make myself a tourist/target.  A lot of the surfer boys I grew up with moved here, not with great results.  There’s a definite dark side, like Pinocchio (or Surfer Joe).

After a few “heads up” txt’s I quietly got off his radar.

Back in tourist mode!  Day one was spent going for a run, shopping, swimming & booking tours through the hotel.  The times I’ve been here has been exclusively for surfing every day without any touring.  We did go to the North Shore for paddle boards, which I did well with until I got instructions.  That, “Put your left foot here, now inch this hip bone in that direction” doesn’t do well with me.  “Hop up…great job” is how I need my instructions.

Yesterday was an all day Pearl Harbor trip with E Noa tours starting at 6am (8a my time, hadn’t adjusted).  There was so much I didn’t know about that fateful day.  The tour went from USS Arizona, to the Aviation Museum, then to USS Mississippi where we stood on the same deck that the Japanese surrendered.  Eerie and inspiring at the same time.  I haven’t been proud to be American since Trump got in office, he’s made the flag into his MAGA campaign when it’s losing it’s original meaning.  Scary really, things like Pearl Harbor are being diluted in history for the new generation of wannabe Dictators.

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Not going to be doom & gloom here though, this has always been mankind.  The more I travel, the more I see how power works while you stand over the grave of a thousand 18 & 19 year old boys.

A good pre-curser to Hawaii is actually reading James Michners book “Hawaii.”  It’s historical fiction, and starts with the beginning of mankind (it’s like a thousand pages).  When I read it, it wasn’t on Kindle yet so I had to read the small print version of it.  Good for a long plane ride or a few weeks vacation read.

Being a pilot, the air museum was a great stop for me.  There’s this one picture where the woman actually looked like me??  Creepy.  It took me longer than average to get my license (that shift your big toe thing as opposed to “nice landing”).  Seems like there are a lot of women pilots, there are not.  It’s still at 6%, up from 4% when I got my license.  I don’t think about that much when I’m up there.

The woman 2nd from left has my face!! She actually looks like my mom with that hair.

Back to Hawaii!!  Today might be surfing, or it might be just laying around on the beach.

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