I found a great Hawaii routine…Write/run/hotel workout/swim/lunch/shop/swim and possibly a nap?  The tours I’ve booked from the hotel have been great, last night was the Honolulu fireworks on Friday night for a dinner cruise.

By shop I mean for a new pair of sandals, not the Prada – Gucci shopping that’s here.  My OluKai’s I wear every single day have served their purpose, it was time for a new pair.  Need to get a few gifts that will fit in my suitcase, and yes, I’m out of clean clothes.  I usually pack light to fit in a load of laundry at the hotels.  They don’t have laundry service here?  It wouldn’t be a big deal if I weren’t going on runs (If you can call a 15 min mile running) and need some clean clothes.

This was a last minute trip, I just threw a few swimsuits in my bag and left.

The dinner cruise was a lot of fun, thought it would be weird going solo to it while they possibly had a 30 year old beach boy for me or sat me across from an 80 year old widower.  Not at all, they sat me next to a Hawaiian couple who I adored by the end of the night.

She was younger than me and a grandma, totally loved being a grandma.  She was a stay home mom, he owns a car body shop.  One of the things she told me to be aware of was the two people who have been getting in touch with me while I’m here, one who lives here.  I’ve been very distant (and busy) but she said they might be together.  OK, that didn’t occur to me but they do know each other and I know they talk.  It wasn’t a lengthy conversation on it, we were just talking about FB stalkers and she had a weird incident and got off social media.  The point was, these 2 people have contacted me around the same time and I thought nothing of it.  She said her husband always says, ‘You can’t con a con.”  Haha, well I’m not a con but I’ve dealt with quite a few.

The other thing she told me was her family name that gets passed down, she wrote it on a card for me so I’d have the spelling – Kawahieaukai, lady of the ocean.

I’m all in for Hawaiian everything, beach culture is how I grew up.  I don’t know what I was thinking wanting to move to someplace like Bend when I’m a beach girl.  Even in Walnut Creek I’m like a fish out of water.

Honolulu is all about hospitality (Aloha) more than any place I’ve been.  Usually when I travel and book a tour we have to find our way to the meeting place.  Here the shuttles pick you up at the hotels and is included in the price of the tour.  I debated renting a car, the price to park here is about $20 a night and with traffic it’s not super driver friendly.  I’ve done fine on foot and with the shuttles.


One last thing is my camera settings for the fireworks.  It was pretty funny, I spent the night before Youtubing instructions on all my camera settings again to get the perfect shot for fireworks.  I don’t have a tripod with me, which wouldn’t matter anyway since I was on a boat.  Armed with the perfect settings in manual, I got in a few shots in all auto before I switched to my pro photographer settings.  The only pics that turned out were the auto settings.  When we got back inside for the dancing part of the cruise someone got a killer shot from his camera phone while my manual settings were blurry and useless.

Why make things harder than they need to be??  It’s auto from here on out.

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