Holidays are here!!

The house is almost finished (for now).  The Hawaii plan only worked for my own well being and not as an opportunity to come home to a painted house while I was gone, which was also part of the escape plan.  Nothing was done, they did it when I got back.

I’m learning a lot about home repair/building a house.  You just can’t go out of town or nothing gets done.  That’s the 2nd time that’s happened, it was supposed to be finished when we got back from Europe months ago.

It was another round of 52 pick up last week with the furniture, some now new, all over the place with all the pictures stacked on the new furniture to my horror.  I was almost done putting away everything that was in trash bags from the new carpets, totally stressed I had lost the rigging knife my brother gave me for my birthday.  I finally remembered where I put it so I wouldn’t lose it in the mad shuffle of everything we own.

A word about that, it’s the first present my brother has given me in over 30 years even though I’ve always sent Christmas presents to his family no matter what every year.  My brother has had some health stuff this past year, he never complains about it or barely mentions it.  Still, one was a 3 hour surgery.  When I opened it on my actual birthday I was in tears, it was so thoughtful!  I’m super sentimental about gifts, I never return anything.  This was especially sentimental to me.

Although I want nothing for Christmas because I’ve pretty much broken the bank with this re-model stuff, never underestimate a thoughtful gesture to someone.  It lets them know you appreciate them, I’m learning that from my DIL.  She & my mom are always thoughtful, giving small gifts all the time for occasions.  Granted, I wish my mom wouldn’t load me up on pumpkins and skeletons for my Halloween birthday anymore.  It’s just to say that a nice gesture goes a long way.

We’re all getting used to a “like” tiding us over as appreciation, or a FB Happy Birthday.  On my actual birthday I spent the day alone with no phone calls or txt’s besides my immediate family.  I’ll say one thing that hurt, after all the effort I’ve put into being a friend to others and troubleshooting family IL drama this year I was surprised I didn’t even get a txt from any of them?  Appreciation is so 1980’s.

When my mom’s best friend was dying, I’d go to her house a few times a week and ask what she needed.  She’d give me a stack of birthday and thank you cards to mail out up until the very end.

Not sure how I got on this tangent?  Oh!  My brother’s gift.

For Christmas I usually make things for everyone if there’s time.  With Thanksgiving so late this year, there’s not going to be a lot of time for that for the mere fact I can’t find anything in my house still.  See if I can spend this week just mucking through the remaining trash bags.

When my son was in high school, he didn’t do anything for his GF for valentines day.  I made a run for something at Target for her.  The 3 of them were watching TV in the living room on valentines day and it didn’t occur to either my H or son that it was an important day for her.

I told one of the guys at the golf course about it (when I worked there) and he said, “Women just want guys to spend money on them.”  Later I thought about that comment… not true!  People just like to be appreciated.

That’s enough philosophy for one morning, time to dig into some more trash bags.

The pic my friend took of me the day before Hawaii.  Forecast 10 knots, actual more like 25 knots while we jammed back and got totally fogged in for a half hour.  First time I had to use my radar and compass through the fog.  If any picture of me is “me” it’s this one.  No hair brush, no make up, in my element as I creep towards 60.

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