Cold Morning – Power out

Bundled up in a down parka with caffeine withdraw that made me get my sweats on to drive to a Starbucks.  We have a funky neighborhood where the only exit pours out into a major street.  To get out, you have to make a left turn onto the busy street if you happen to be heading up to Starbucks because the power went out.

We live by a retirement community, so you don’t know if the traffic is going 20 miles an hour or 100 – it’s really hard to time that left turn.  Here’s little old me, freezing with no coffee, trying to time that left turn.  I felt a light bump, like someone ran into the back of me?  The rear defroster hadn’t kicked in so I couldn’t see anything behind me.  He pulled next to me to seemingly make a right turn.  Nope, he cut in front of me and made a left turn cutting me off.

We have this neighborhood watch email chain that reports suspicious activity.  There have been a few coyote sightings, one I sat on while my DIL’s small yorkie dog was outside wondering if nature should just take it’s course?  When I got the second coyote sighting nearby my house I went ahead and called my son to get the dog inside.  It did take me a half hour to do the right thing.

Mostly it’s used to report things like a car older than 2000 in the neighborhood that might be there to rob us all.  Guys with hoodies don’t do well here, but it’s OK if your dog walker doesn’t pick up after your dog.

I went ahead and filed a neighborhood watch complaint to look for a white, entitled asshole driving a black Audi.  Worded a little more G rated than that.  It is a common occurrence here, has to get to work to pay the dog walker?

I’m beginning to sound like my mom (beginning?) who writes parking tickets to her neighbors that have a staff of 5 cars come to each house every day in her neighborhood.

Sorry so grouchy on this blog…I’m just tired of inconsiderate people & I’m only a half a cup in w/ no electricity still.  Using my phone as a hotspot.

All in all, this has been a good year for me.  I’ve been able to travel a bunch, got my house updated finally and 2020 is looking good.  My biggest gripe has been being surrounded by inconsiderate people (my last post).  2020 is going to be all about making real girlfriends, the kind that show up for ME…haha.  Gulp, gulp on the coffee.



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