Writing & My Brain

It’s only been two days of rain and I already have cabin fever.  WAY too much alone time!!  The Hawaii trip was great solo, it gave me a chance to get back in shape and for some much needed SUN.  Then we tag teamed while my H went to New Mexico so our youngest wouldn’t spend T-day alone.  There’s a dog to consider on that end of things, one of us drives out to get them both for Christmas and the other one drives them back.

I got to spend Thanksgiving with my other son, they did all the cooking – I did make a few pies that we’ve been munching on every day.  They live walking distance, he’s in & out of the house all the time.  It freaks me out because the alarm goes off and I never know he’s coming.

We’re soon to have a full house, so I better enjoy this while I can.

In the meantime, been pacing myself through the days so I’m not too lazy and get some things done.  Unfortunately, even with my back doing a lot better, I can’t lift.  There’s a chest in the living room I can’t move to put the outlet plates back on, which is annoying since I’m not sure why the painters didn’t put any of the outlet plates back on?

I’m doing odd things, like I bought the wrong size of floor heater registers to replace the ones from 1964.  I accidentally got a raised one, then when I went back to Ace to replace it they didn’t have one in that size that lays flush with the floor.  I brought the packaging for the wrong size to return it, had to figure out the size again.  Just stupid stuff, like I’m skipping a beat?

After a day of playing “Who’s on first?” I was flipping channels to Seinfeld last night to fall upon a PBS show on your brain.  It was saying to always try new things for plasticity in the brain, routine is not good for your brain.  You should try things you’ve never done to activate that problem solving part of your brain.

As beyond frustrating as that was at Ace, at least I caught it to get the right sizes then order the one I needed.

Writing is good, playing with words.  I wouldn’t say I’m a good writer, I try though.  My brain is usually all over the map so it’s hard for me to go from start to finish, even on a blog, in a linear fashion.  I was clearing out an old computer of photos and found some stuff I put on there…an old ebook I did when I was in Tahoe one season.  Not a bestseller, I did it more for the practice of putting it together and figuring out how to self publish.  Kept my brain working while I was stuck indoors during storms.

Today is Photoshop tutorials.

I may not be good at??  Well anything really.  I do try though.  Even that surfing episode a few weeks ago may have not been great, I did catch some waves and got in and out of the water without hitting a reef too hard.  My Garmin watch showed I got more out of that than my run earlier that day.

All this is to say that I may never be a best selling author/good at anything but at the end of the road I might know my kids names?  Admittedly, there are all ready times I run into walls.


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