Fun w/ Photoshop

Wow did I have a funky dream!!  A combination of too many Photoshop tutorials and kind of missing working and interacting with people??  That’s my dream interpretation, while it’s raining again with limited mobility.  Yes, my frigg’in back is kicking my butt after getting in shape again.  It’s an Advil back pain day, so bummed.

The back stuff might be from just sitting in movie theaters this week.  I can go years without seeing a movie, this week I’ve seen 3 movies out of cabin fever boredom.  We’ve only had one week of rain, ahhhhhh!!  The other thing might be driving my H’s sedan when he was out of town, sedan seats kill me.

The dream was bizarre, I was working a big job with combined forces of the various places I used to work.  It was a construction site, drone job in collaboration with the start up I worked for.  They were paying all my expenses, including where I was staying.  It was a remote place, maybe out of the country?  I was staying at this place that looked unlivable from the outside, then great on the inside (my house?).

At the end of the job, a former co-worker put this flying chart on my face like the illustrated woman or something?  I couldn’t get it off, I thought it was only on my neck until I went to some party right after with people wanting to pose for pictures with me.  They thought it was cool, they also thought I looked like a freak.

The rest of the dream was trying to peel the chart off my face without peeling my face off.

As a result, I woke up way too early!

No idea what any of that meant besides too much Photoshop time?  I’ll try to duplicate it to post it.  I have a few pics I’ve been playing with using “masks.”  Ah!  A clue to my dream!!

Other than that, trudging along with Christmas shopping.  Ordered these Cyber Monday REI drink kits for everyone, just to get an email this morning that sorry – out of stock.

Not sure how I feel about going back to work?  Not working is lonely, I miss that part of it.  With the house pretty much done, it’s travel or a new project.  This back stuff limits me a ton, I’ve sat on a lot of planes this year.

Let me see if I can Photoshop my dream & other things I’ve been playing with this week.

*I pulled it off using mask settings, still a bizarre dream.

Some other pics I’ve been messing with below:

San Francisco the other day in the fog, the one on the right is the untouched iPhone photo I actually like more than when I played with it.

Mt. Diablo one morning when I woke up too early.  The sun was rising behind it, I tried to darken the sky a little more just to see the sliver of moon that’s there.

mt diablo

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