New Hyundai Kona EV!

In the land of Teslas, I went Hyundai Kona EV before the rebates go away for 2020.  It’s surprising I hadn’t made the switch way before, but the only EV’s available besides the Teslas only had about 100 mile range.  This one has almost 300 mile range plus one of the top 10 reliable cars, Tesla has never made the list.

The debate for me was always do I want to plug in one more thing?  The 100 mile range is just not enough to really get you anywhere, seems like a plug in every night or at every stop just to make sure you get to your destination.  It’s better for me to walk or ride my bike around town, or get a golf cart.

A little background with me & cars, I’ve been driving since I was 12…one of the few things my dad passed on to me was a love of driving, or really all modes of transportation and some hand-eye coordination.  We moved to L.A. when I was 3 years old when he got a job with Car & Driver.  It drives my H crazy when I start looking at cars, he’s the exact opposite to the point where he’ll go without a car rather than ever getting one.

After a lifetime of car buying, I’ve figured out a good way to not want to barf after leaving a dealership.  With the internet it’s SO much easier!  My first new car was a Toyota Corolla…an $8k car that cost me $10k for some reason?  That reason would be I was a 23 year old sucker.  I learned a valuable lesson from that poor negotiating experience.  They led me from room to room to tack on additional items, just felt sick the next day instead of excited about the car.

That car brought home my oldest son from the hospital, it was super dependable and I finally sold it to a neighbor when they turned 16 with 150k mileage on it.  Years later, after my neighbor sold it, I saw it on the freeway still running.

Then I went the used, luxury car route and got a Volvo sedan for my “mom” car.  That thing was a tank!  It lasted a good 5 years before it started costing me more in maintenance than a car payment.  It was a 3rd car for awhile, then my mom made my brother buy it for low blue book and he totaled it.

That’s when I discovered leasing…

While shopping for a minivan, crying over the steering wheel during a test drive that I was being stripped of my very essence by giving into being a suburban mom, there was a surprise twist.  Another neighbor saw there was a great lease on Saab convertibles and told my H I needed to get that car.  We had another friend, who saw me in a Napa auto parts store, actually call my H about that lease.  To my surprise my H one morning said “Go get the Saab.”  After a few weeks of test driving minivans envisioning all those cupholders filled with rotting sippie cups, the real Heller marched to the dealership on a Sunday and just said, “Blue one.”

Eventually I added a used Saab station wagon for some practical purposes when the kids got older.  That car lasted through the boys turning 16, eventually destroying it.  That was a great car, the lesson there was never buy a turbo for a car your kids will eventually drive.

Don’t want to rehash all the cars throughout the years, just that I’ve had some pretty good luck after that Toyota Corolla with car buying/leases.  Here’s the trick, hold back on the paper work until you have the deal.  I used TrueCar to find the deal, it was a little overwhelming getting all the phone calls and emails from the dealerships.  The lease deal on these was showing $349 plus tax & license fees, tacking on another $100 a month.  There was almost $10k in rebates, knocking it down to about $28k.  After getting the offers, I went to San Leandro for the best deal (BTW, never go in that Starbucks!  It took longer to get my latte than it did to get the car).  They gave me the quoted price they emailed, didn’t go in for the hard sell for extras.  After it was all said and done, THEN we gave our credit info.

That seems to be the trick to save a ton of negotiating grief.

Why lease?  For one, I’ve always bought out the lease or my H company has bought the lease out.  It ends up being close to zero interest, they don’t want to sell the car either.  For an EV, not quite sure what’s going to happen to the technology and prices in 3 years? While I was waiting at Starbucks a friend was txt’ing me saying her son is selling his Tesla for $45k.  My car selling experience has been be prepared to either give away or have your car towed to pick your parts, you never get what the car is worth.

Darting around town, finding parking, no emissions = no guilt.  The only thing about this is how environmental are all these batteries??  Where are they going to go?

Still keeping the F150 that’s flex fuel for the longer drives, it’s always good to have a truck.

Merry Christmas to me!!  Now to shop for everyone else, almost done.

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