Hard not to write about politics on such a momentous event, while there’s still freedom of speech.  The U.S. is at a crossroads, will this lead to a re-election then continue on to a Dictatorship?  It’s happened in other countries, why not here?  There was a Rick Steve’s show I was watching on Normandy, thinking it was a travel show I kept watching.  It was about how fragile democracy really is and how Stalin and Hitler were elected through a democratic process.

Will those of us who see Trump for who he is be jailed?  Let me explain that a little, not sure how people see a different side of him than what he presents or what comes out of his own mouth.  What do people think he means when he defends the Charlottesville White Supremacists and doesn’t denounce them?  That’s when he was Bannon’s bitch, now he seems to be going for foreign help since most of his buddies are now indicted or in jail.

A weird thing happened when I had my other blog on blogspot with the statistics.  It shows you what country hits are coming from, a lot of the hits came from Russia.  Thought nothing of it at the time, until right before the election I’d get these weird messages at the bottom saying, “Vote for Trump” that were from Russia.  Then on my Twitter account Trump followed me before the election.  I don’t use Twitter, especially after that.

After the election there was a banner at the bottom, from Russia, congratulating Trump.  I wish I would have screensaved those comments.

Now I mostly get hits from China, either studying middle aged (OK, a little past middle age) Americans or someone truly reading my blog.  I would call myself a little moderate, leaning to the left.  With that, my opinion of Trump comes straight from him and no other source.  He lost me at, “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”  That alone speaks volumes.

Both sides of my family has been in the U.S. for generations, my dad’s side were the first settlers fighting in every war on U.S. soil.  I’ve travelled quite a bit, read even more.  Lately I’ve been reading U.S. History seeing where my dad’s family fits in.

What’s been interesting is my mom, of all people, hates Trump maybe more than I do?  She’s a Republican, she can’t believe any of this is happening.  This isn’t a party line problem, what surprises me is the Republicans that still defend him?  Wouldn’t they want him out to put a new candidate in there?  I can’t tell if people are naive, dumb, or just obviously on the payroll to “Make America Great Again.”

On that I had an analogy when he first got elected, a shocking wake up call for a lot of us.  There was a Twilight Zone where aliens came with a book called, “To Serve Humans.”  Us earthlings were thrilled at how nice the aliens were, they started loading up on the space ships to visit the aliens planet.  Then someone came running up after deciphering the rest of it saying, “It’s a cookbook!!”

Pearl Harbor was a somber trip last month to see what happens when countries want world power.  That seems to have been a forgotten lesson now.

This is mankind too, since the beginning of time.  We just have experienced more freedom than most countries and don’t think it will ever happen to us.  Either our “leaders” will fight for democracy or they’ll hand our country over to a dictatorship, cuz that’s where this is going according to history.

Back to my regular boring blog, next up wrapping up my year to get ready for 2020.

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