This was a good year, started it out with low expectations then ended up on the road quite a bit.  This isn’t a popular blog, I’ve been doing it for a few years now as just a hobby.  Plus, if I write stuff I think people would read I tend to stay a little more positive.  My actual writing is a little darker than this.

With that I’ll just post my trips this year:

January: The Long Road to New Mexico, 100 mile road to Lordsburg, Stranger Danger, From El Paso to LA, Stuck on a Train, Injured in Tahoe

February:  Camera Ready,
No trips, just a look back on some of my photography thoughts.

March:  1st Leg to Mt. Shasta, Eugene, Oregon, Portland-Seattle-Lopez Island, Bend, Oregon

April:  Too Much Road Time

May:  South Beach Weekend Liveaboard

June:  Here in Iowa

July: Moorings @ Angel Island, The flight – Bay Area to Bend, Floating & Houses, Bend, Fly Fishing & the Flight HomeChill’in @ SJC, Just Call Me “Fernando”, All’s Well in Las Cruces & Random Mom ,
Booking.com  BTW, I filed a claim with Wells Fargo for the rental car & it got resolved months later.

August:  July proved to be enough traveling!

September:   Paris, Now for Nice & Monte Carlo, Marseille.fr, Istanbul/Constantinople, Leaving Istanbul & the Flight

October:  Aging as a Woman, This was a month of getting my high performance rating for flying, a wedding, a reunion and not much time to write!

November:  Aloha!, Honolulu, Mahalo O’ahu

December:  The party came here, still have a full house for the holidays for a few more days.  The house is done, I didn’t link my home improvement stuff since it didn’t get much action on the blog.

As I lay here, linking & writing, it doesn’t seem like I did that much last year – yet all these links is proof that I was barely home to paint.  I like this little travel log, shows me I had a good year.

Cheers & Happy New Year!!  To a new decade!!

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