2019 Photos

No real writing today, just going to post pretty pics of my year.  Or at least the ones that look pretty to me 🙂

January:  Drove my son back to Las Cruces, New Mexico through Bisbee, AZ & Manhattan Beach.  Tail end is Tahoe.

February: My ‘hood

March:  Drove to Seattle to help with my friend’s baby.  Mt. Shasta, Lopez Island w/ my HS bestie, Seattle, Bend.


April:  Bisbee, Warren ballpark (one of the oldest in the U.S.) for an old school game & my cousins 84th bday.

May:  Sailing back from San Francisco, with photoshop help & starting to paint my kitchen.

July: Flew myself to Bend, Oregon since I loved it so much the first drive through.  Then another trip to New Mexico to see White Sands.

August: Finished painting/counter tops & backsplash…check!


September:  Big trip…Paris, Nice, Marseille, Istanbul.

October: Back to Manhattan Beach & my mom’s bucket list item, ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier.  Boston for a wedding, then the floor torn out.

November:  Aloha!!  🙂


Pano – about 6 pics of Honolulu I stitched together




December:  Bay Bridge/San Francisco last sunset of 2019.  My fun with photoshop image.


Finished house!  Last touch after floors were put in, upholstered the chairs and painted the table.  No, I did not put the floors in!!  Anything too hard was installed.


Phew!!  I’m exhausted just looking at this!!  2019 was a great year for me, with freedom to roam for the first time in my life.  Kids grown, I’m healthy.  I might not get the action on this blog I like, the key is just to keep taking pictures and writing.  If I’ve already had my 15 min with a few published (paid) photos and articles, so be it.

I felt competitive to prove my mom & H wrong yesterday (on a sugar crash w/ no sleep from NY Eve).  The thing about getting older on this side of career goals is that I have nothing to prove to anyone anymore.  With a good nights sleep, a few realistic goals, today I can finally say, “Happy New Year!”

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