After working so hard at it, my back said FU again 🙁  Nothing like being super healthy otherwise and unable to move.  It didn’t hit that hard yet, trying to prevent that by having a heat/ice day fueled with Aleve back pain (giving me a false sense of reality, but I wanted to sleep last night).

I’m so bummed!!  I guess it is almost the end of January, I made it this far on my NY fitness regime.

I’m hoping this episode is similar to when I was flat on my back in New Mexico and had to drive back to CA over a few weeks.  My son’s neighbor brought over ice & heating pads, forced me to go to a hot springs an hour away and offered assorted goodies (pain meds) to get me through.  I passed on both but he wouldn’t take no on the hot springs.  He drove us all in my truck (I couldn’t drive) and damned if that didn’t help!!

After a week of healing up, I was able to start my long drive home without problems.  The only thing was hiking, I brought all my hiking stuff and didn’t get that in besides walking through the malls in Vegas.  I slept in my truck a few nights in Monument Valley, being careful not to strain myself with opening and closing the truck bed.

This was pure strain from helping my son paint his new place, then going to fix some stuff on the boat in a tight space.  I took it out sailing too, pulled out the main and trimmed a little myself.  While I was putting the heavy slats back in to take off, I felt it.  I was able to crawl off the boat, still able to drive to get a part but shuffled around the store once I was out of the car.

Don’t want to complain too much about it, this is just the way it is for me.  Today is all about preventing an episode that takes me to the ground when I was feeling really good about my run/swims.  I even bought new running shoes the other day, totally excited about it.

Then there’s the Kobe accident…yikes!!  When I got my pilot’s license, I was telling this guy I haven’t flown with my kids in the plane (still true).  He was a pilot and said I wasn’t a very good pilot if that’s how I felt, he flew his grandkids all the time.  I heard the ATC recording, a lot of stuff going on with some split second decisions to be made once he cleared that airspace with a celebrity who had somewhere to be.

I’ll just give an example after flying and sailing with “suggestions” from passengers and  following my instincts.  Last Friday I took a crew out to Alameda down the estuary where the container ships are docked.  It’s narrow, had to motor through it.  We docked for lunch, then on the return there was a container ship blocking us perpendicular.  At first I thought, “I don’t remember making a sharp right into here?” before I saw the tugs turning it.  We were all talking, I was a little distracted, then I silenced everyone to figure out what was going on.

It was actually a turning basin for the container ships, totally blocking the estuary.  Once I figured that out, I circled behind them not wanting to get to close to the prop wash either in case it took my rudder (which can happen).  It looked like it was going to go out to sea, we had time so my plan was to follow it out of the estuary then set the sails.  One of the crew then suggested we pass it – ok, I’ve been in this situation many times with advice so luckily I brushed it off.  It was slowing down though, and previously “advice” from others that I’ve accommodated has always been wrong.  That’s after years of bad advice, some of which I mistakenly took.  I told her we were in no hurry.

The only place to pass was on the right, after circling a few more times I saw the ship wasn’t going out, it was docking!!  Following her suggestion would have resulted in a painful death by being smooshed into the docks, they never would have seen us.  That was a split second decision by me, something I considered too but we were in no hurry.  The tugs pushed the container ship to the docks and we had a great sailing day.

What to do when I’m physically down for a few days at least?  Guess I’ll just write and watch photoshop tutorials.  Create something, cuz my old mind is still a chugg’in.

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