I’ll have to start posting pretty pictures again, that’s the only thing that gets hits.  By hits I mean one or two hits.

I haven’t been able to take pics, I’ve been organizing them though and have almost all of them uploaded from various spots.  That’s what I do when my back goes out, lay here trying to use my mind since my body gives out.  Just whining really, I’m going to attempt a walk today to strengthen it and see if I’m ready for prime time.

I found this website that will make a blog into a book:  blog2print.  If no one reads it, thought I’d print it for at least my kids and future grandkids to read.  I really had a great 2019, book worthy…haha.  I have letters from my grandpa to my grandma in the 50’s when she went back to school that I treasure.  My grandma went to Arizona State when it was a teaching college, she was in her 50’s.  My grandpa stayed home, surrounded by her sisters and parents all next door.  They had a little compound of houses my great-grandparents bought.  One little nugget was funny, my mom went off to stewardess training after college and he wrote something about he doesn’t know how my mom was going to save lives when all he’s doing is buying swim suits and tennis rackets for her.

My mom was very lucky, my grandparents were amazing.  Hell…I was lucky to have them too!!  They helped raise me, gave me a good sense of what you do for your kids.

So that’s my healing, using my brain since I can’t use my body right now.  It’s a lot like Stephen King’s book/movie “Misery.”

Yes, I’m a total wimp when it comes to this.  Really though, doing a lot better and think it’s in control.  Not ready to do too much, last time I felt good about it I reached for a tee-shirt and hit the ground unable to move.  That episode took me out for a good 6 mos 🙁

In the meantime, grateful for online shopping.

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