Porsche vs UPS Truck – Hwy 1, California

Looks like I won’t be making the Porsche racing squad anytime soon, even if I thought I was jamming down Hwy 1 from Mendocino to Jenner to get home.  The time to do that drive is soon, I’m afraid a 2.0 earthquake or a good storm will be the end of Hwy 1.  For now it’s simply awesome to drive that route down the coast.

A few times I’ve cut in at Jenner to head South down that stretch towards Stinson to Marin, never that far North from Mendocino.  Perfect day, took the top down to just leisurely (kind of) drive down.

To my surprise, a UPS truck was riding my ass!!  Not at first, he made a stop where he must have literally thrown the package out the door to come back for more.  When I drive that car, everyone seems to want to race me?  Here I am, out for a leisurely drive, and of all cars!!  No matter what I’m driving I find speed limit signs for the turns give you maybe 10 mph of wiggle room.  Not so in NY, where 15 mph turn means 15 mph. It’s not like I’m going the speed limit besides through the speed trap towns.



With those corners possibly going off a cliff, along with the sunlight either glaring or trees blocking the light altogether making for a wet road, sorry buddy but I’m not going to go faster than 10 mph over the limit on those turns.  Obviously he knows the terrain better than I do and what that truck can turn at.

After pushing me into a 25 mph turn at 50, I let him pass while I laughed.  Touche UPS truck, off he went at around 80.  On the news when I got home there was a car that did go off the cliff later that day with the sun in his eyes.  There was a kid driving behind him who stopped to climb down the hill and found him with just a few scratches.  My UPS driver wouldn’t have been so kind, there were packages to deliver.

The rest of the drive was relaxing and beautiful, I can’t believe I got to do that.  The few times were a weekend when the kids were little, even then it was just for the day.  When I cut over to 101 I ended up in 1st gear for about 50 miles.  That traffic at 3p was horrendous, never expected that.  The google traffic app took me through some beautiful vineyard farmlands, still in 1st gear?  It’s totally rural, yet if you live there you can’t get out of your driveway to go to the store in bumper to bumper traffic.  Had no idea how many people actually commute.

Horses checking out the traffic

For a tourist, the best way to do that is to fly into Santa Rosa and rent a car.  It’s worth seeing, looks like Ireland when it’s green.  This is the best time of year too, it was sunny with no crowds and great rates.  It’s hard to time that though, during the summer I can say the coasts are mostly fogged in.

As for my cool car, I’ve had it for over a decade.  At one point it went down in value like all cars do, then it jumped and I was afraid to drive it because I had insured it for liability only.  Right before I hopped in it, I called Geico for full coverage.  The other thing I always carry with me in no cell zones is a Garmin InReach to satellite txt.  Just in case that UPS driver forced me off the road, I have an SOS button.


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