Not a lot to say??

Swamped with mom stuff in Manhattan Beach again without any pretty pictures yet, mostly because I’m without a car or bike here right now.  Last weekend kicked off with a high school alumni volleyball match on Friday night, surreal really.  My boys are long gone from HS, my oldest will have his 10 year reunion this year, so imagine how surprised I was seeing the people I grew up with have kids on the team?

This is an unusual place in regards to kids, all the parents are quite a bit older.  Can’t say I was a spring chicken coming in with my first right before my 30th birthday…still.

It was fun, was glad we came down for it.  The next day was a LONG walk on the strand to Redondo Beach, running into people along the way.  You know you’re getting old when everyone’s talking about their sciatica, it’s coming down to survival of the fittest.  The people who were the fittest have had a myriad of surgeries just to get them propped up.  There’s something to be said for being a half-ass athlete.  I don’t have 6-pack abs, but haven’t gone under the knife for anything but 2 C-sections.

One thing I noticed for the first time is what I don’t like about people, I finally got it pinpointed to what truly bugs…no one lets you finish your sentence!  There was a convo I tried to have that was headed off at the pass at every single name mentioned, to the point where I finally just stopped talking.  People down here “win.”  They’re richer, better looking, smarter, know everyone better than I do…yay for them!  It’s an LA thing.

On my FB page this morning someone had put up the wealthiest cities in the US and were appalled that MB & HB weren’t on it??  Wha???  Not the wealthiest??

Just some observations about SoCal (LA in particular) as opposed to NorCal.  Not to say NorCal doesn’t have a bit of that too, it’s just that your house is farther away from your neighbors and you can’t hear their toilets flush.

But I will name drop, we saw Vince Vaughn on our strand walk and I gotta admit to being a little star struck by that.  The other thing I saw was the buses said “RIP Kobe” on them for his memorial yesterday.

I’ll try and get some pics today if I can, spending some time with my mom with not much time to myself.

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