Whoa Mexico

This was once my favorite place to go, La Salidita for surfing with Kristy Murphy Siren Surf Camps.  I’ve had so much fun surfing with them throughout the years, until my body started saying FU.  Never a great surfer, but since I grew up at a beach and am a total water woman I’ve always loved it and just wanted to learn how to surf.  I’ve been here, Costa Rica & Hawaii with these gals (Kristy & Cat).

My last few trips a few years ago, I broke my ribs on easy falls.  The 2nd time I did it, I figured my surfing days were numbered.

I hit the water the first day, the board was heavy for me and I tried to catch one wave then came in after an hour.  Not sure how much surfing I’m going to do down here?  I’ve been lifting a lot with my friend’s baby gear & the board, a huge no-no for me.  It’s so hard to physically be unable to do what I’ve always done 🙁

Then yesterday was a fire on one of the palapas roof and OMG was that hectic!!  These little kids next door were setting off firecrackers in front of their parents and I said right away those roofs could catch fire.  It was Cat who yelled over and told them to stop because they were scaring the dogs.  I went upstairs, walked out to the balcony for a sunscreen spray and saw flames.  With my purse on me (wallet & passport) I sprinted downstairs yelling “Fire, get out!!!”  I was the only one who would have been able to see it so soon, there’s no other view of that roof from this property.

This is where I was standing & that burnt structure was all flames…

Once it was clear I wasn’t messing around, Cat had a hose in her hand almost immediately spraying down our roof.  The caretaker of this property took off in her car and was back with a long hose to use the pool water w/in I want to say 5 min.  By that time, my friend and I were outside ready to go with the baby.  While everyone was in action mode, a woman slowly waddled over to ask if we had a fire extinguisher.  Really?? Oh, let me go back inside and check for you!!  Keep in mind, that was the first we heard from them, they never alerted us at all.

We walked down the road to be safe and stayed under the shade for maybe an hour with the staff and their kids.  Down the street come the kids from that property, happy as little clams, the same kids setting off fireworks.  The woman waddled behind them asking if we could call the fire department because she didn’t know Spanish.  OK again, really??  I ripped her a new one, said the kids started the fire.  She said she didn’t know how it started, that obviously we were all upset.  Her friends were at the place we were standing in front of, she didn’t offer to have us come in to sit it out and left us under the trees for shade.

I almost took her to the ground, I couldn’t have been more pissed at her slow reaction, total lack of responsibility of any of it and then leaving us in the dust.

People react so different to events, by the time she asked for a fire extinguisher there were all ready people totally on it.  A bunch of what ifs now that it’s over and the next day has dawned.  What if we relied on them to tell us about the fire?  What if they took it upon themselves to contain it without the help of the guys from this property??  The biggest what if, what if I hadn’t seen the flames??  My God.

After it was all over, Cat was the one who notified the owner first.  Their guests didn’t even tell them!!  Only one roof was burned, they went back and spent the night then left this morning…probably no apologies to the owner either.

Now we get to hop on a plane Saturday with this corona virus outbreak scare.  Not going to worry about that, I’m just staying out of the water for the rest of this trip.  My back is kind of going on me from carrying the baby and/or gear and I’ve had enough excitement for one trip.


In the meantime, just happy the timing went so well yesterday (no thanks to our neighbors) and I get to enjoy the last few days here with siestas and some of the best food ever!!



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