Winding down my surf career :)

That fire was enough excitement for one trip, we keep re-telling it and are all in total shock that only that one roof burned down with no other major damage.  What causes that?  Is it a culmination of knowledge or just plain old luck?  Everything was slow, fast motion…me seeing it and yelling, “Fire!!  Get out!!” was a total blur to me.  In my recollection, I saw it and barely remember getting downstairs.  My next memory was Cat holding a hose.

That was my part, then standing there with my friend & her baby with our passports.  We left, the whole crew here took over to put that fire quickly before it spread.  That they did!!  As I got my massage yesterday, there was a moment thought about how if it would have been at that second none of us would have even known & we’d all be a bunch of charred bodies.

Doesn’t really seem like that when it all went as well as it could have possibly gone…

The only damage was that one roof

Now I’m just hanging by the pool, the baby is 1 year old today!!  That’s what we’re here to celebrate.  I’ll link a Seattle post from when she was born, she’s a miracle baby.

Unfortunately, with all the running around the other day with the fire I’m on my Aleve back stuff again.  My friend went out surfing and mentioned getting possibly injured.  I felt like a wimp until she said that, no, I don’t want to get injured.  It’s crowded out there, and not a nice crowd at that.  The other day when I took off, this woman gave me the stink eye the rest of the time I was out there.  She had caught wave after wave paddling around me (back paddling) to put herself in a better position.  So when I went, she was pissed.

Last thing I want is a fin flying through my face!!  I’ll leave surfing to the mass crowds that are discovering it.  I grew up in a time before it got so crowded, very lucky.  It means I’m old, but I’m OK with that.

I was telling the girls about a Paul McCartney concert I went to years ago for Outside Lands.  He was telling stories of being friends with all these legends and this 20-something girl next to me said, “He’s aging himself with these stories.”  Like that was a bad thing?  I thought she’ll be in her 70’s one day, and never in her lifetime will she be as cool as Paul McCartney.

For now just kind of hanging by the pool, writing in my bathing suit, what’s a hairbrush? Waiting for the birthday party of the next wave of surfer girls!!

Here’s a link when the baby was born:  Seattle

The featured image came up on my FB page as a memory.  This was in the 80’s in Manhattan Beach when I truly was the little beach girl.  I was a GM of a swimwear store up and down SoCal beaches, after work I would surf with the guys at State Beach in Santa Monica.  This happens to be in El Porto, Manhattan Beach.  That bad guy van back there is now a lot full of Tesla’s.  Day Glo was king 🙂  Pretty sure I was 26?


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