Home to Hysteria

Before going to Mexico there were a few rumblings about Corona virus, maybe 2 people in the Bay Area had been diagnosed…NBD.  My friend came from Seattle to meet me in L.A. with her baby, they both had that child care sniffles when they got to my mom’s house.  I’ll admit to being a little concerned about my mom for just a cold and wasn’t thrilled they were going to go for it.

It turned out fine, neither my mom or I got sick and we ended up having a great time (despite the fire).  I’d kind of look at my news feed from time to time, mostly checking out who dropped out from the Presidential election after Super Tuesday.  Yes, I saw the virus was on there but didn’t pay a ton of attention to it.  A few jokes about quarantine ourselves in Mexico, like “Oops, we’ll have to stay.”  Really though, I was ready to leave right after that fire and was itching to get home.

We hopped on our flight to LA, then she had another flight to Seattle that wasn’t until 10:30p when we got in at 5:30p.  Both of us have global entry, we went through customs pretty fast.  During the week, Alaska Airlines was sending me incredibly travel deals so I kind of knew there was something going on.

Once we were out of customs, LAX was empty – like a Stephen King novel empty.  We went straight to the Alaska desk, she got an earlier flight no problem with no charges.  My H was in LA, then we drove up yesterday to the Bay Area with a few stops along the way.  One was a Starbucks for my latte, I bring my own cups wherever I go to save waste, they wouldn’t touch it.

This was when it finally hit that this is a tad out of control, the Starbucks didn’t have a line for the first time ever either.  That one is at the bottom of the Grapevine before heading over the hills to LA, it’s always crowded.

Was trying to figure out their reasoning for not taking my cup?  That their cups are more sterile?  Overkill and a lot of waste is what I was thinking, genius to make them use their cups again.  One of the girls in Mexico works for Clorox, she’ll come back to a booming business.

This seems like 9/11 with people profiting over a tragedy to me, that hasn’t even been much of a tragedy yet unless you’re already compromised.  My H is freaking out a bit with it, for some reason I’m not too concerned.

Once we got home, a friend is traveling through who is originally from Italy.  I told her when I’d be home, that she could stay with us.  She was telling me about Italy, that everyone’s travelling South on trains, sick or not, and bringing it South.  She also told us that a 30-something friend who was healthy is now in a bubble getting treatment.  Not sure if this is a friend of a friend story?  Like Richard Gere and the gerbil where everyone’s aunt was the nurse that was there when he came in.

Regardless, this will be my first day out and about since I’ve been back.  Haven’t gone shopping yet, heard the stores are emptying out and everyone’s preparing for Armaggedon with this.  Don’t know what’s scarier,  the virus or the reaction?  Stock market is crashing this morning.  The one good thing is if this what it takes to get Trump out of office, so be it.

So far I don’t even have a sniffle.  Having survived a fire scare and nursing my back this whole time I’m not really concerned.  When I personally know someone I’ll re-visit.  Right now I’m just kind of thinking a health scare is the best way to freak us all out.


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