Panic in the U.S.

This is the ONLY thing on the news, as of last night 45 deaths in the U.S., yet it’s a total panic and all anyone is even talking about.

To be clear, my family is freaked out too.  My oldest is calling me every day, calling my mom and making sure she doesn’t leave the house.  Then he calls me to make sure she listens and reminds me I’m no spring chicken.  Besides my chronic back stuff, and a tourista remnant from Mexico, I’m very healthy.  When I went down I bought some of those tablets for your water that gives you an immune boost.

It’s like the whole world is coming to a halt, hopefully putting the fire out but the total panic is crazy.  How are we going to recover from all the jobs lost in the next few weeks & no food on the shelves??  Right now it’s just TP, which I don’t get at all. Then there will be the scams, then the businesses that pop up from this.  I come from a family where one great-uncle was born and died in a hospital, not one Dr. visit.  Once I had a cold at my uncle’s house and went through his cabinets to find some aspirin from the 70’s.  I’m a medical insurance dream come true, 2 C-sections and otherwise routine stuff.  When I’m sick, I stay home…I hate hospitals, Kaiser is looking like Soilent Green lately to me with all the pretty pictures.

In this regard my mom and I think alike, we’re realistic about illness and death.  Not to be morbid, but we’re all going to die (no matter what Elon Musk thinks).  I’ve also always thought that humans are boom bust, we’re primed for an illness or a natural disaster, or war.

The media has taken this and running with it, causing a total panic and amplifying people’s worst fear…death.  When my mom & I talk, we both agree it’s not if it’s when and how.  Do I want to die of a flu?  Not really, but I don’t want to die of cancer or a plane crash either.  Basically, I’m not ready to die, ever really.  I’m not panicked about it though, I’m not going to stop doing things to prevent the inevitable because that’s not living life.

Am I going to stay home when I’m sick and stay away from people who are?  Yes, but other than that there’s not much I can do besides live in fear.

In the meantime, I spent all yesterday cleaning the house, the cars and everything else.  It’s not like I’m doing nothing, I’m just not going to panic and hoard.

The thing that scares me the most is the loss of jobs and no food in the stores, that worries me more than this virus.

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