The Sky is Falling

Not to make light of all this, it’s just crazy with the hoarding now world wide and I’ve never seen anything like it.

My friend called me after leaving a Trader Joe’s in Southern California crying and freaking out, her daughter is being sent home from college.  There was a fight over a loaf of bread?  I calmed her down, saying just ride it out and that it will be fine.  Will it?  My house is totally sanitized, like I would do for any flu the boys brought home from school when they lived here.  I bought a bunch of cleaning stuff before taking off to Mexico, we just didn’t have food.

The only thing I can really do is clean everything…

She called while I was driving to the boat, had it detailed and had to pay the guy.  Figured I would go grab lunch and hit the Trader Joe’s in Emeryville since I was parked out there charging my car.  I walked in & out, pandamonium!!

The fenders of the boat needed some covers so I headed out to Joanne Fabrics in Concord to get some fabric to make some, the woman in front of me cleaned out all their hand sanitizer and that line was taking FOREVER!  My last errand was the Whole Foods in Concord, now this was interesting.  This store was put in after Amazon bought Whole Foods and it’s not a popular one.  Normally I’m not a Whole Foods shopper, this one is not crowded and it’s kind of not in a Whole Foods demographic area.  This was the case yesterday, there were people in there but everyone was acting rationally.  Of course, no TP.

Errands done, came home to another hysterical phone call I’d been putting on hold and didn’t answer earlier.  Sure enough, people do have a TP phobia!!  She was worried about it, panicking because Amazon doesn’t even have any.  I told her she could go grab a leaf outside or something?  Really, our convo was a half hour of how worried she was about running out of TP.

In Mexico last week, the people who were there were a nurse (my friend with her baby), a woman who works at Clorox and an executive at Chick-Fil-A.  Business is booming!!  The woman who was here for a few days when I got back from my trip works at Trader Joe’s in San Diego.  I txt’d her last night after my lengthy phone calls and my own encounter with the Trader Joe’s in Emeryville, she sent me pics of empty shelves from her day at work.  She said it was complete insanity in there that day.

It seems it was the first day of hoarding food, Trader Joe’s was the first hit.  Today it might be another store?

No matter, I’m not going out today unless it’s to lunch.  So far, my routines have been the same since I’ve been back.  I’m not sick, have a wide personal space by nature.  I don’t turn the TV on until the 8p news usually, during the day I’m Trump/news free.

The main thing is I have TP


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