Seems as if the world’s gone mad, I’m so upset over all this!  Friday I grabbed a few weeks worth of food, no problem.  Yesterday the grocery stores were cleaned out, the girl who stayed with us not even a week ago that works at Trader Joes said they might actually have to close.  In 2 days all the stores around here have been cleaned out 🙁

On FB they posted a pic of emptying the shelves at the Ralphs near my mom’s house, today a long line to just get into Ralphs.  I called my brother last night to have him pick my mom up and stay with him, he’s a weekly Costco shopper that has freezers full of food.

Called my mom, she’s not getting it.  She said someone could go pick her up some milk when she runs out, she doesn’t believe me.  Then I just got a message from my SIL who sent pics of empty shelves at Target for food too.

OK, fuck the virus, we’re not going to have a food supply!!  This has only been since Friday, people were out of control but there was at least some food and it wasn’t that busy at that Whole Foods I went to.  Yesterday it’s now all gone and my mom still thinks she can go up the street for a carton of milk.  2 days and we’ve gone mad.

New Mexico didn’t have this yesterday, but I did give my son and his neighbor a heads up that it’s happening here and to buckle up.

Scared for my mom, scared for us all if these assholes don’t stop clearing out the grocery stores for a years supply of food!!

We’re screwed….

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