Mellow Monday

Panic is over for me, for now.  There’s a game plan for my mom, called her brother to make sure he’s got some groceries in case Bisbee gets hit with the grocery stores (store) clearing out.  He said all good.  It’s eerie walking around here on a Sunday when downtown is usually bustling?  My Sun Basket is going to be delivered, we’ll have food.  My brother said the grocery store situation down there is mellowing out too, his city was one of the first to be hit.

Not sure why stocking up on perishable foods is a good idea?  Or not going into a crowded place or a gathering with friends but waiting in line to get in a grocery store and buying 50 possibly sneezed on tomatoes is OK with a bunch of fellow hoarders in a frenzy?

Even I was freaked yesterday, mostly after talking to my family.  My mom isn’t comprehending what’s going on, my brother isn’t seeing any urgency in going to pick her up so she won’t be alone.  What it might come down to is me going to pick her up which consists of a 6 hour drive for her (12 for me).

There seem to be two camps in this, it’s not happening or we’re all going to get it.  I’m a little in between?  Worried for my COPD mom, especially since her grocery store has been clearing out.  My routine has stayed the same, “social distancing” has been the norm of my life.  That term actually cracks me up, wait for the youtube videos explaining it soon, books being written about it, there’s going to be a boom of common sense.

Today I’m just going to kick back & not worry, let the world go by.  Instead of watching the news, I’m going to binge watch Grace & Frankie.  Was going to fly to Phoenix on Sunday to drive my youngest here, which isn’t going to happen now since the plan was to stay at my mom’s that one night.  Gavin Newsome said anyone over 65 is under mandatory quarantine in California.

The thing that really breaks my heart is they just posted that the World Deaf Golf Championship in England may be cancelled in August 🙁  My son has worked so hard to make that team, we were really looking forward to it.  They haven’t made a decision yet, I’m going to hope for the best that this will be contained by then.

Stay well everyone!

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