Captains Log – Day One

Of the whole Bay Area being on “Shelter in place.”  We got the notifications on our cell phones yesterday, can’t say that was a big surprise.  As I understand it, we can go battle the hoarders at grocery stores & pharmacies yet stay 6′ away from anyone if we want to go for a run.  Right before this happened, we went to a restaurant where a woman (last week) came into a restaurant with her nanny and her dog on a sunny day, then decided to get a table indoors with her puppy while the puppy spilled the water bowl the restaurant gave her.  In a fairly crowded restaurant, the employees & nanny had to hop to her service.  This is just an example of where I live…good luck to anyone being considerate here.

I am getting some satisfaction of her being stuck indoors with her daughter, the puppy and possibly no nanny.

Other than that, just a ton of txt’s and phone calls setting things up for my mom.  Here’s the major dilema with that…I just got back from Mexico last week!  Spent the night at her house, then drove up here.  Have I been exposed?  I have no idea, but none of us are sick and neither is my mom.  Do I rush down to LA possibly being a carrier and making things worse?  She’s been in lockdown for a few days already and seems fine.

My brother assured me that if need be, he’d either stay with her or go get her, family member #1 (most at risk) taken care of.

Now for family member #2, my youngest son in New Mexico.  This is a tough one, I was supposed to fly to Phoenix and drive him up here on Sunday – which of course I had to cancel.  There’s NO WAY I want to drive those guys through LA & SF when Las Cruces has more PhD’s per capita than any other city.  That, and people are considerate and nice there.  We’ll decide today if one of us is going to drive out there to stay with him.  The problem with him (as well as my mom) is that they don’t get that they might have to stock up with a few weeks of food.

Then my oldest and his wife who live close by and just bought a place.  I shopped on Friday, before the hoarding began.  I pre-ordered these delivery meals I’ve been getting for years and a local restaurant sent out emails that they are making freezer/microwavable meals that I went ahead and ordered, picking up today.  That gives us all 3 weeks of food without going back to a grocery store.  I’m going to drop some off at my son’s house on the way home from getting them.

Then there’s our business…ugh.  My H had to send out an email telling his employees to get their files and work from home, then buckle up.

My personal worry meter at the beginning of the week was about a 2, basing everything on I’ll start worrying when I actually know someone who has it.  Yesterday I got an email from one of the gals in our piano group who is now under quarantine in Australia with symptoms.  Not in the Bay Area, she is someone I personally know which was my criteria for the meter going up to about an 8.

Still not worried about me getting sick, right now it’s more about the financial downfall and more than that…food!!


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