Only Day 2???

Of  “Shelter In Place.”  Tick tock

My family is all set up with food and TP for 3 weeks, we’ll have to deal with business and job fallout another day.  So far, no one in my family has been laid off…yet.  Already people can kiss both of those goodbye indefinitely.  Gavin Newsome said to not expect schools to open until Summer, meaning September I’m sure.

When I got out to pick up our meals it was like I had the plague, I had to sit in my car and wait for them to put them in before I delivered them to my son’s house.  On a good note, I’m glad they’re all moved in and the only thing on hold is a backsplash for the kitchen.  No more shared apartment elevator.

So far all I see is this sucking the life out of people, without actually dying.  Maybe I’m just not getting the big picture?  The concern seems to be ICU and patient beds for the mass influx of sick people about to overwhelm the hospitals.  There’s plenty of space for that now, with hotels empty.

Regardless of my opinions, we are complying.

One thing I didn’t anticipate personally was vultures.  My childhood friends are helping with my mom until such time my brother picks her up or goes and stays with her since he lives closer.  This happened when she had a surgery years ago, we had sincere well wishers and then a few people yelled at me for not giving her proper care – that they’d be happy to go live with her while she recovered (and beyond).  My brother and I took shifts, we were there the whole time.

This is happening again while I was frantically looking for what to do about my mom.  People PM’d me, in the guise of well wishers, about being happy to help her.  Good thing I watched that movie “Parasite” before all this happened huh?

Just glad my mom’s not in assisted living right now, the one down there has an outbreak.  The person I’m most concerned about is her at this point, she’s the most at risk.

Maybe I’ll go make some bread or something today?  A body at rest stays at rest, this is going to be a long few weeks with a very unknown outcome.  Nothing like a little free time to dwell on that one huh?


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